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Tag type: General

The namesake creatures from the Pokemon series. Use this tag whenever a Pokémon is present in a picture.

For a list of currently used Pokémon tags on Gelbooru, visit List_of_Pokemon.

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 2girls :d absurdres animal animal_ears animal_on_head bare_legs blue_eyes brown_hair cat_ears cat_tail collar color_connection commentary_request cradily dog_tail electricity fangs hat hat_with_ears highres holding holding_animal hood hood_down hoodie kmnz_lita kmnz_liz kmnz_liz_(character) long_hair mc_lita miniskirt multiple_girls no_pants on_head open_mouth pink_eyes pink_hoodie pleated_skirt pokemon pokemon_(creature) poochyena short_hair skirt skitty smile tail thighhighs trait_connection virtual_youtuber white_hoodie zebstrika zettai_ryouiki  black_hat blue_background blue_eyes decidueye drawfag envelope full_body hat highres holding_envelope mail mailbag no_humans pokemon pokemon_(creature) solo standing energy game_freak gen_1_pokemon giant_monster glowing godzilla_(series) kaijuu kurii_chasuke monster nintendo no_humans parody pokemon pokemon_(creature) shin_godzilla slowbro toho_(film_company) what 1girl blue_dress blue_hair blush_stickers character_name dress english gen_7_pokemon heart heart-shaped_bag long_sleeves looking_to_the_side mameeekueya medium_hair moemon one_eye_closed personification poke_ball pokemon pokemon_(creature) popplio purple_background shoes simple_background standing wide_sleeves  1boy beak bird blonde_hair bowl_cut brown_footwear character_name freckles gen_7_pokemon green_background head_tilt mameeekueya moemon owl personification poke_ball pokemon pokemon_(creature) rowlet short_hair shorts simple_background  1girl bag baseball_cap black_shirt character_name gen_7_pokemon green_bag hat litten long_sleeves mameeekueya medium_hair moemon personification poke_ball pokemon pokemon_(creature) ponytail red_background red_eyes red_hair shirt shorts simple_background striped striped_legwear striped_sleeves yellow_sclera

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