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Tag refers to the 1995 American action/modern day western written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. It stars Spanish actor Antonio Banderas and Mexican actress Salma Hayek, in their Hollywood breakthrough roles. The soundtrack is composed by Los Lobos. It is a direct sequel to El Mariachi and the second film of the Mexico trilogy; it is notably one of the few sequels to be in a completely different language (English) from the first (Spanish), although its cast and setting are still heavily Latino. Banderas replaces Carlos Gallardo as the hero El Mariachi although Gallardo still appears in the film as a different character.

Guitar player turned expert gunslinger El Mariachi, still grieving over the tragic loss of his lover Domino, roams Mexico hunting down everyone who is linked to her demise. In particular, he is looking for a crime boss named Bucho, who is the boss of Domino's murderer Moco. El Mariachi's strategy is to send his American friend to go into a bar beforehand, figure out whether its patrons are affiliated with Bucho, and spread rumors of a legendary dark-suited gunslinger who carries a guitar case full of guns in an attempt to both scare them and give El Mariachi a clue about where to find Bucho. El Mariachi discovers that he's in the right town when he learns from his friend that the patrons of the Tarasco bar are affiliated with Bucho. El Mariachi takes the entire bar out, but is injured and is saved by Carolina, a bookstore owner, and starts a relationship with her. As he gets closer to Carolina, he learns that the entire town, Carolina included, is affiliated in some way to Bucho, who is now aware that the gunslinger is after him and is determined to eliminate him. . .

As Mariachi is now a skilled gunslinger, the film is considerably more over the top in its action than its predecessor, being influenced by Hong Kong gunplay-themed action movies. The next sequel Once Upon a Time in Mexico and many of Rodriguez's other films would follow a similar style. Along with the increase in the scale of action, there is also a massive increase in bloodshed to the point that Rodriguez had to remove quite a bit of footage so that the film would be considered acceptable for a mainstream release.

Quite a few actors from the film would end up frequently collaborating with Rodriguez: the film is also the start of Rodriguez's partnership with supporting actor Danny Trejo, who played a minor villain in the film. When Rodriguez met him, he felt that Trejo would be perfectly suited for a movie idea he had at the time, Machete. The two of them would later make said movie for real in 2010. It is also one of the first collaborations between close friends Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino who has a small role in the film.

The film was a box office success and led to Banderas being frequently cast as dashing Latino action heroes in subsequent Hollywood films. It also influenced Japanese pop culture with the antagonists of the first episode of Cowboy Bebop being modeled after El Mariachi and Carolina in this film. The concept of a guitar case doubling as various guns was also popularized by this film.

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