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A number_pun with dates. Any date number that can be interpreted to mean something completely different than the date. For instance the 29th of any month has the digits 2 and 9, which in Japanese are pronounced "ni" and "ku"; niku means "meat", so the 29th of any month is meat_day, a day to draw pictures of plump, curvy and fat girls.

See also:

· ノーレッジ袋 / Noorejji Bukuro no Hi / (Patchouli) Knowledge Bag Day is based on the real_life ノー・レジ袋の日 / Noo Reji Bukuro no Hi, No Plastic Bags Day). Both days, Noorejji... and Noo reji..., take place the 5th of every month. See: < > and post #2576321.
· 毎月七日はルーミアの日 / Maitsuki Nanoka wa no hi Ruumia no Hi / The 7th of Every Month is Rumia's Day - the 7th of every month. See < >
· ずおばみの日 / Zuobami no Hi - 28th of every month, NamaZUO_Toushirou and HoneBAMI_Toushirou's day
· 肉の日 / Niku no Hi / Meat_Day - the 29th of every month and Februrary 9th (2/9).
· 不動の日 / Fudou no Hi / Fudou's Day - February 10th (2/10), Fudou_Akio's day.
· ふんどしの日 / ふんどしのひ / Fundoshi no Hi / Fundoshi Day - February 14th (2/14). 2 - ふん (fun), 10 - ど (do), 4 し (shi). See < > and < >.
· 巫女の日 / Miko no Hi / Miko_Day - March 5th (3/5) is Shrine Maiden's Day.
· ミク / 39 - March 9th (3/9), Hatsune_Miku's day.
· ミクの日 / Miku no Hi / Miku_Day - March 9th (3/9), Hatsune_Miku's day.
· メイドの日 / Meido no Hi / Maid’s Day - May 10th (5/10), celebrated on 10 May due to the fact that the alternate reading for 10 (do) works to create the word “May-do” which sounds just like the word “Maid“ in Japanese. See < >
· こいしの日 / Koishi no Hi / Koishi_Day - May 14th (5/14), Komeiji_Koishi's day.
· むきゅーの日/ Mukyuu_Day - June 9th (6/9), Patchouli_Knowledge's day. See < >
· がなはの日 / Ganaha no Hi / Ganaha's Day - July 8th (7/8), Ganaha_Hibiki's day.
. Onanii no Hi / Masturbation Day - July 21st (07/21) (o-na-ni-i)
· パンツの日 / pantsu_no_hi / Panties Day - August 2nd (8/2)
· 苺パンツの日 / Ichigo Pantsu no Hi / Strawberry_Panties_Day - August 2nd, 2015 (1582 = ichi-go-pa-tsu)
· Hashihime no hi / Bridge Princess Day - August 4th (8/4), Mizuhashi_Parsee's day. Since 8 is "ha" and 4 is "shi", together they read "hashi", which means "bridge". See < >
· バナナの日/ Banana no Hi / Banana Day - August 7th (8/7)
· Tenshi Day - October 4th (10/4, English "ten" + Japanese "shi"), Hinanawi_Tenshi's Day
· Tenko Day - October 5th (10/5, English "ten" + Japanese "ko"), Hinanawi_Tenshi's Day again since her nickname is "Tenko". See < >
· タイツの日 / Taitsu no Hi/ Tights_Day (Pantyhose Day)- November 2nd (11/2)
· いいおっぱいの日 / Ii Oppai no Hi / Good Boobs Day - November 8th (11/08). See < >
· いいオークの日 / Ii Ooku no Hi / Good_Orc_Day - November 9th (11/09).
· いい夫婦の日 / Ii Fuufu no Hi / Good Couples Day - November 22th (11/22)
· いい二ーハイの日 / Ii niihai no Hi / Good Kneehighs Day - November 28th (11/28). The numbers can be read as ii ni ha, almost equivalent to the phrase ii nii hai, "Nice Kneehighs".
· いい肉の日 / Ii Niku no Hi / Good_Meat_Day - November 29th (11/29)

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