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Tag type: General


Similar to the pantyshot, but different in how the panties became visible. Unlike pantyshot, POV should play no role in the visibility of the panties. It also typically involves only the waistband or legband being visible.


Skirts, shorts, burumas, pants, or any other garment that has an opening at the waistline are a candidate for this.

If the waistband of the panties is visible from outside the waistline of the outer clothing, then the panty_peek tag applies.


Shorts, burumas or any other garment that has a leg opening high up the thighs are a candidate for this.

If the legband of the panties is visible from outside the leghole of the outer clothing, then the panty_peek tag applies.

Note: If POV is what makes the panties visible, such as in loose shorts, than use pantyshot instead.

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 1girl ass bangs barefoot bed bed_sheet black_panties blue_shorts blunt_bangs blush book bottle boyshorts breasts brown_hair candy carpet coca-cola controller drink dualshock eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyelashes fingernails food from_behind game_console game_controller gamepad grey_eyes highres holding holding_book hood hood_down hoodie indoors lollipop long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer looking_back lying manga_(object) medium_breasts mouth_hold nuko_(mikupantu) on_bed on_stomach open_mouth original panties panty_peek pillow pink_hoodie playstation_4 scan short_shorts shorts sleeves_past_wrists smile solo thighs underwear wooden_floor 2girls anklet barefoot black_jacket blonde_hair blue_dress blue_neckwear bracelet breasts dress feathered_wings floating_hair fuji_choko highres jacket jewelry kenja_no_deshi_wo_nanoru_kenja leg_up long_hair long_sleeves medium_breasts miniskirt multicolored multicolored_wings multiple_girls night novel_illustration official_art on_roof outdoors panties panty_peek shirt side_slit sideboob sitting skirt sky sleeveless sleeveless_dress star_(sky) starry_sky thighhighs underwear white_legwear white_shirt wings2girls absurdres all_fours animal_ears arm_up armpits arms_up ass bell bikini_top black_footwear black_hair black_skirt blue_skirt bow brown_eyes brown_hair bunny_ears bunny_pose bunny_tail carrot erect_nipples fake_animal_ears flat_chest from_behind gloves grin hair_bobbles hair_bow hair_ornament hairband highres jingle_bell kuromoto-kun_(rina_masimaro) legs_crossed long_hair looking_back mary_janes midriff miniskirt multiple_girls open_mouth original panties panty_peek paw_gloves paw_pose paw_shoes paws ribbon sailor_collar shirt shoes short_hair short_twintails side-tie_panties simple_background sitting skirt sleeveless sleeveless_shirt smile solo striped striped_legwear tail tail_ornament thighhighs thighs tiger_ears tiger_tail twintails underwear white_background white_bikini_top white_panties white_shirt wrist_cuffs1girl ;d alternate_costume ass bangs belt black_belt black_footwear black_legwear blonde_hair blush boots candle chima_q christmas christmas_tree commentary_request eyebrows_visible_through_hair fang full_body fur-trimmed_boots fur_trim garter_straps gift_bag hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon hat highres holding holding_sack holly jacket knees_up legs_crossed long_sleeves merry_christmas miniskirt nose_blush one_eye_closed open_mouth outline panties panty_peek pom_pom_(clothes) purple_outline red_eyes red_hat red_jacket red_ribbon red_skirt ribbon rumia sack santa_costume santa_hat shiny shiny_clothes short_hair skirt smile solo speech_bubble star studded_belt thighhighs thighs touhou underwear white_outline wreath 1girl animal_ear_fluff animal_ears bare_shoulders blonde_hair blush brown_eyes brown_hair cat_ears choir_(artist) commentary_request extra_ears eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_visible_through_hair frilled_skirt frills fur_collar gloves grey_background high-waist_skirt highres jungle_cat_(kemono_friends) kemono_friends looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair panties panty_peek parted_lips puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves short_sleeves simple_background skirt solo two-tone_hair underwear white_panties 1boy 1girl age_difference black_hair blush flat_chest fractal_underground_studio head_out_of_frame loli name_tag original panties panty_peek short_hair shorts tagme thighs underwear

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