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A device for transmitting sound in real time across distances. Also called a telephone.

See also

* cellphone_strap
* smartphone
** iphone
* phone_booth

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 1girl arm_up armpits bangs bare_arms black_hair blurry blush bow breasts brown_eyes brown_hair byte_(allbyte) calendar calendar_(object) camisole cellphone clothes_removed collarbone cowboy_shot depth_of_field drying_hair hand_on_own_head highres holding holding_phone indoors laundry_basket lips looking_at_phone looking_at_viewer looking_down medium_breasts no_pants panties parted_lips phone plant potted_plant red_bow revision shiny shiny_hair sleeveless smartphone solo standing steam strap_gap striped towel towel_on_head underwear wall washing_machine wet white_panties  2girls alternate_costume amatsukaze_(kantai_collection) bag barefoot bedroom blonde_hair bow casual cellphone controller earrings epitaph_(1122) hair_bow hair_brush happy highres indoors jewelry kantai_collection laughing light_particles long_hair looking_back lying magazine mirror multiple_girls notepad on_bed on_stomach overall_shorts overalls phone power_cord remote_control rensouhou-kun scissors shadow shimakaze_(kantai_collection) shirt silver_hair sitting sleeveless sleeveless_shirt smartphone smile table tablet window wooden_floor  5girls beret check_translation elphelt_valentine girls_frontline glowing glowing_eye guilty_gear hat highres hk416_(girls_frontline) multiple_girls phone scar shadow translation_request twintails ump45_(girls_frontline) ump9_(girls_frontline) xiu_jiayihuizi  assault_rifle beret blue_hair blush girls_frontline gloves green_eyes gun hair_ornament hat heckler_&_koch hk416 hk416_(girls_frontline) long_hair looking_at_viewer panties pantyshot pantyshot_(sitting) phone rifle sitting solo thighhighs underwear weapon yasuna_(nanjiang)  1girl bare_shoulders barefoot black_eyes black_hair cat cellphone cup hair_over_shoulder highres indoors kikivi long_hair mug open_door original phone shorts sitting smartphone solo  1girl academy_ahri ahri animal_ears bangs black_legwear breasts cellphone facial_mark fox_ears fox_tail hair_ornament hairclip heart_hair_ornament large_breasts league_of_legends long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_tails nail_polish one_eye_closed orange_background phone red_hair savi_(byakushimc) school_uniform simple_background skirt slit_pupils solo tail thighhighs whisker_markings yellow_eyes

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