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Tag type: Character

因幡 月夜

Inaba Tsukuyo is a female character from the manga and anime Busou_Shoujo_Machiavellism.

She is one of the Supreme Five Swords (Tenka Goken) at The Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy.

She has long, lavender_hair in twintails with a jingle_bell hair ornament and red_eyes. She dresses as a nontraditional_miko and has a flat_chest.

Voiced by Hioka_Natsumi


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 1girl bell busou_shoujo_machiavellism closed_mouth detached_sleeves eyelashes hair_bell hair_ornament hair_ribbon holding holding_knife inaba_tsukuyo japanese_clothes knife lips long_hair long_sleeves nose pom_pom_(clothes) red_neckwear red_ribbon ribbon shirt silver_hair sleevless_shirt solo twintails viet_le_quoc white_shirt white_sleeves wide_sleeves wing_collar 2girls :> :< animal_ears armpits ass bare_shoulders bell blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bow breasts bunny_ears bunny_tail busou_shoujo_machiavellism covered_navel detached_collar fake_animal_ears female hair_bell hair_bow hair_ornament hair_ribbon hairband hanasaka_warabi holding inaba_tsukuyo katana loli long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_girls nipples nude nude_filter pussy red_eyes ribbon sheath sheathed sideboob silver_hair small_breasts smile sword tail thick_eyebrows thigh_strap third-party_edit toraishi_666 twintails uncensored weapon wrist_cuffs1girl :< animal_ears armpits bare_shoulders bell blush breasts bunny_ears bunny_tail busou_shoujo_machiavellism clitoris covered_navel detached_collar from_below gluteal_fold hair_bell hair_ornament hair_ribbon hairband high_heels inaba_tsukuyo katana loli long_hair looking_at_viewer navel nipples nude nude_filter pussy red_eyes ribbon sheath sheathed silver_hair small_breasts solo squatting sword tail thick_eyebrows thigh_strap third-party_edit toraishi_666 twintails uncensored very_long_hair weapon 1girl armpits barefoot bell blush busou_shoujo_machiavellism detached_sleeves feet female flat_chest hair_bell inaba_tsukuyo japanese_clothes knee_blush loli long_hair lying mochiyuki navel necktie on_back panties parted_lips red_ribbon red_skirt ribbon skirt skirt_removed sleeping solo spread_legs striped striped_panties toes underwear  1girl armpits busou_shoujo_machiavellism detached_sleeves eyes_closed highres inaba_tsukuyo japanese_clothes long_hair miko mochiyuki short_eyebrows solo sweat white_hair  1girl bare_shoulders barefoot bell busou_shoujo_machiavellism censored detached_sleeves feet footjob hair_bell hair_ornament hetero iberiko_(soinesitai) inaba_tsukuyo japanese_clothes katana miko necktie penis red_eyes sheath silver_hair sitting sword toes translation_request twintails weapon wide_sleeves

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