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Tag type: General

Outfits which achieve memetic status among artists.

Many of the most popular outfits listed here are informally known with the phrase 例の (rei no) or that, as in you-know-what.

* bikini_jeans
* cat_lingerie
* front_zipper_swimsuit
* lightning_cat_sweatshirt
* Mega_Milk
* open-chest_sweater
* pentagram_cutout
* rei_no_himo
* rei_no_mizugi
* the_dress_(meme)
* virgin_killer_sweater
* virgin_killer_outfit

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 1girl animal_ears bb_(baalbuddy) bow_(weapon) breasts bunny_ears cellphone commentary contemporary dark_skin drinking_straw ears_through_headwear english_commentary final_fantasy final_fantasy_xii fran fuck-me_shirt helmet large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer meme_attire parfait phone ponytail pun shirt sketch solo t-shirt viera watch weapon wristwatch  3girls absurdres bangs bare_legs belt black_footwear black_hair blonde_hair blue_ribbon blue_skirt blush bow bowtie brown_background brown_eyes brown_footwear brown_hair commentary_request dress frills full_body green_eyes hair_bow hair_ornament hair_ribbon hairband hairclip hands_clasped highres idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls loafers long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mary_janes meme_attire miniskirt multiple_girls nakonako neck_ribbon no_socks own_hands_together parted_bangs parted_lips pleated_skirt red_bow red_hairband red_skirt ribbon sakurai_momoka sasaki_chie shirt shoes short_hair simple_background skirt smile socks standing tachibana_arisu very_long_hair virgin_killer_outfit white_dress white_legwear white_shirt  1boy 1girl aran_sweater ass back backless_dress backless_outfit bare_back bare_shoulders black_hair black_sweater blonde_hair blush brown_hair butt_crack dress formal grey_sweater halterneck highres meme_attire naked_sweater necktie nichijou ribbed_sweater s0h7i1m9e sakurai_izumi short_hair suit sweater sweater_dress takasaki_manabu turtleneck turtleneck_sweater virgin_killer_sweater  1girl absurdres ahoge animal_ears asymmetrical_legwear blonde_hair breasts cat_cutout cat_ear_panties cat_ears cat_lingerie cat_tail cleavage_cutout highres iesupa large_breasts long_hair meme_attire navel panties prosthesis prosthetic_arm purple_eyes rwby side-tie_panties solo tail thighhighs underwear wavy_hair yang_xiao_long  1girl absurdres animal_ears black_hair cat_cutout cat_ear_panties cat_ears cat_lingerie cat_tail cleavage_cutout gradient_hair highres iesupa meme_attire multicolored_hair panties red_hair ruby_rose rwby short_hair side-tie_panties silver_eyes solo tail thighhighs two-tone_hair underwear  1girl absurdres animal_ears blue_eyes cat_cutout cat_ear_panties cat_ears cat_lingerie cat_tail cleavage_cutout gradient_hair highres iesupa long_hair meme_attire multicolored_hair panties ponytail rwby scar scar_across_eye side-tie_panties side_ponytail solo tail thighhighs underwear weiss_schnee white_hair

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