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Tag type: General

A male with a dark complexion. Frequent quality of a faceless male, used for contrast to highlight the primary, light-skinned subject.

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Last updated: 05/15/17 11:14 AM by jedi1357
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 1boy braid collar dark_skin dark_skinned_male eyes_closed fate/grand_order fate_(series) halo highres long_hair magic male_focus solo solomon_(fate/grand_order) tattoo white_hair www_(1184187582)  2boys ahoge armlet bracelet bracer braid dark_skin dark_skinned_male fate/grand_order fate_(series) flower head_wreath highres jewelry male_focus merlin_(fate/stay_night) multiple_boys petals plant rose single_braid solomon_(fate/grand_order) tattoo thorns vines white_hair www_(1184187582)  2boys areolae bare_chest black_nails blonde_hair brown_hair dark_skin dark_skinned_male fate/grand_order fate_(series) goetia_(fate/grand_order) half-closed_eyes hug long_hair multiple_boys nail_polish nipples pectorals sanada_(teketo) shirtless smile solomon_(fate/grand_order) tattoo white_hair yellow_eyes 1boy 1girl b.va_(overwatch) black_hair cereal_box cum d.va_(overwatch) dark_skin dark_skinned_male facial image_sample lucio_(overwatch) overwatch tumblr_sample 1boy 1girl b.va_(overwatch) black_hair cereal_box d.va_(overwatch) dark_skin dark_skinned_male feeding image_sample lucio_(overwatch) overwatch tumblr_sample  aether_foundation_employee areolae ass big_hair black_hair blush breasts cabbie_hat censored clothed_sex couch cowgirl_position dark_skin dark_skinned_male english feet from_behind girl_on_top glasses green_eyes hand_on_own_ass hat heart heart_censor hetero indoors interracial large_breasts long_sleeves looking_at_viewer looking_back nail_polish nipples on_couch open_mouth panties panties_aside patreon_logo penis pink-framed_eyewear pink_sweater pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_sm pubic_hair puffy_nipples purple_hair purple_nails purple_panties pussy rak_(kuraga) saliva sex shirt_lift sitting soles straddling sweater tears testicles text thighhighs toes turtleneck_dress underwear vaginal watermark web_address wicke_(pokemon)

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