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gal ギャル

Gyaru (ギャル), also known is gal, is a Japanese fashion style that peaked in the 2000s. Although it has declined, it still has many followers. Many aspects of gyaru are descended from ganguro. In some substyles, like manba (マンバ), the two overlap to a large degree.

It has many diverse substyles, with some commonalities. Gyaru style typically always involves styled and coloured hair, trendy and often sexy gyaru style clothing (especially from the shops in the mall Shibuya 109), and heavy makeup, with a focus on false eyelashes, enlarging the eyes, contouring, and circle lenses. Additionally, many gyaru use the "gyaru-moji" (ギャル文字) style of typing and certain specialized slang (ギャル語). There are also certain common hobbies among gyaru: dancing Para Para was at one time a very popular activity in gyaru circles.

Two common elements of gyaru looks, especially in anime and manga representations, are tanned skin (especially for older or throwback styles) and bleached hair. However, not every gyaru has tanned skin or bleached hair, and not every character with tanned skin and bleached hair is a gyaru.

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See also
kogal - a substyle involving young gals and often incorporating gyaru-ified school uniforms
gyaruo - the male counterpart to gyaru

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