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‽ (often represented by ?! or !?)

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 ! !? >_< ... /\/\/\ 2girls 3boys absurdres ajirogasa ankle_boots artist_name awestruck bandage bangs beauty_(zoza) beret bike_shorts blonde_hair blunt_bangs blush boots brown_eyes cake carrying chair closed_mouth collared_shirt comic commentary_request cross-laced_footwear cup denchinamazu directional_arrow domino_mask dotted_line dual_squelcher_(splatoon) dynamo_roller_(splatoon) echizen_(splatoon) emphasis_lines eyes_closed fangs feeding flower flying_sweatdrops food fork frightening_(zoza) genteel_(zoza) green_hair hair_flower hair_ornament hair_pulled_back hand_holding hand_on_own_chin hands_on_another's_face hands_on_own_face hat hawaiian_shirt headgear heart highres holding holding_weapon incredibly_absurdres ink_tank_(splatoon) jacket japanese_clothes jellyfish_(splatoon) kiss lace-up_boots long_hair long_image long_sleeves looking_at_another looking_away looking_back luna_blaster_(splatoon) mask multiple_boys multiple_girls neckerchief notice_lines one_eye_closed open_mouth outdoors paint_splatter parted_lips partially_colored pastry_box pinky_out pointing pointing_up pointy_ears princess_carry purple_hair reaching running sailor_collar samurai_(zoza) sandals saucer scared scrunchie seeker_(splatoon) shirt shoes shop short_hair short_sleeves signature silent_comic single_vertical_stripe sitting sleeping smile sparkle speech_bubble spit_take spitting splatoon splattershot_jr_(splatoon) spoken_ellipsis spoken_exclamation_mark spoken_heart spoken_interrobang spoken_squiggle spoken_sweatdrop spoon squid squiggle steam sweatdrop tabi table tall_image teacup teapot tentacle_hair thought_bubble topknot tower tray trembling waving weapon yellow_eyes zoza  !? 2girls absurdres bangs blush comic eyes_closed frown green_eyes hair_ribbon hand_holding highres kazuno_leah kurosawa_ruby love_live! love_live!_sunshine!! multiple_girls open_mouth purple_eyes purple_hair red_hair ribbon rinne_(mizunosato) sparkle spoken_interrobang sweat translation_request twintails two_side_up uranohoshi_school_uniform white_ribbon yuri !? 1boy :d :o absurdres arched_back arm_belt arm_support armor ass bandage bandaged_arm bent_over bikini_pull black_gloves black_legwear black_panties black_vest blush brown_background buckle bulge collarbone cowboy_shot cropped_legs erection erection_under_clothes facial_scar fate_(series) faulds fingerless_gloves foreshortening genderswap genderswap_(ftm) gloves gluteal_fold green_eyes hand_on_own_arm highres jack_the_ripper_(fate/apocrypha) looking_at_viewer lying multiple_views nipples on_back open_mouth panties scar scar_across_eye sekai_saisoku_no_panda shiny shiny_hair shiny_skin shirtless short_hair shoulder_tattoo silver_hair simple_background single_fingerless_glove single_glove sleeveless smile solo speech_bubble spoken_interrobang spread_legs sweat tattoo testicle_peek thigh_gap thighhighs thighs translation_request trap underwear vest ! !? 2girls azur_lane blush braid character_request eromame eyes_closed french_braid from_side heart kiss midriff monochrome multiple_girls navel ponytail simple_background spoken_exclamation_mark spoken_heart spoken_interrobang sweat translation_request twitter_username !? 1boy 1girl :d black_hair blush brown_eyes bubukka dvd_case earrings eyebrows_visible_through_hair head_out_of_frame heart heart-shaped_pupils heart_earrings jewelry loli open_mouth original scrunchie short_hair short_sidetail side_ponytail sleeve_tug smile solo_focus spoken_interrobang surgical_mask sweatdrop symbol-shaped_pupils tachibana_momoka wrist_scrunchie !? 1boy 1girl ? armpits arms_up bangs blonde_hair blush breast_grab breasts dokutaa_hakase drooling eyebrows_visible_through_hair grabbing grabbing_from_behind hair_between_eyes hand_under_clothes junko_(touhou) large_breasts long_hair open_mouth red_eyes saliva sidelocks simple_background spoken_interrobang spoken_question_mark sweat tears touhou trembling upper_body white_background

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