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Tag type: General

‽ (often represented by ?! or !?)

(from Danbooru)

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 !? 2girls aoki_shizumi bare_shoulders black_hair blush breasts brown_hair elbow_gloves eyes_closed fingerless_gloves gloves green_eyes hands_on_shoulders headgear kantai_collection kiss long_hair looking_at_another medium_breasts multiple_girls mutsu_(kantai_collection) nagato_(kantai_collection) open_mouth short_hair spoken_interrobang white_gloves yuri  !? ... 1girl 501st_joint_fighter_wing ? absurdres animal_ears bangs black_footwear black_legwear blonde_hair blue_background blue_jacket blunt_bangs blush bouquet cat_ears cat_tail character_name check_translation clapping closed_mouth comic commentary_request cup flower french glasses hand_on_another's_shoulder hands_together heart highres hip_attack holding holding_bouquet jacket kaya_(nari1-24) leaning_forward loafers long_hair long_image long_sleeves military military_uniform motion_blur motion_lines notice_lines open_mouth out_of_frame pantyhose perrine_h_clostermann pouring right-to-left_comic shoes smile sparkle spilling spoken_ellipsis spoken_interrobang spoken_question_mark steam strike_witches table tail tea teacup teapot tiered_tray translation_request trembling uniform walking wide_image world_witches_series  !? >_< 1boy 1girl blank_eyes blonde_hair blush brown_eyes clenched_hand comic commentary_request eyes_closed formal hair_between_eyes hand_to_own_mouth highres kantai_collection necktie open_mouth shimakaze_(kantai_collection) smile spoken_interrobang suit suit_jacket sweatdrop translation_request twitter_username yamato_nadeshiko  !? 2girls bad_id bad_twitter_id bare_shoulders blush chains face-to-face facial_mark fate/apocrypha fate/extella fate/extra fate/stay_night fate_(series) finger_to_another's_mouth fingerless_gloves forehead_mark gauntlets gloves greyscale headpiece jeanne_d'arc_(fate) jeanne_d'arc_(fate)_(all) long_braid long_hair looking_at_another monochrome multiple_girls nogamichi rider smile spoken_interrobang upper_body white_background yuri  !? 1boy 6+girls baby black_hair blonde_hair blood blue_hair blush brown_hair bucket convenient_censoring cure_amour cure_ange cure_etoile cure_macherie cure_yell dakimakura falling fujimura_shougo futari_wa_precure harryham_harry highres hug-tan_(precure) hugtto!_precure isedaichi_ken jacket lavender_hair leather leather_jacket magical_girl misumi_nagisa multiple_girls nosebleed pajamas pillow pillow_hug pink_hair precure red_hair short_twintails side_ponytail sleeping soap soap_bubbles soap_censor spoken_interrobang surprised sweat twintails twitter_username yukishiro_honoka  !? /\/\/\ 1girl bangs black_dress black_legwear blush bow brown_eyes collared_shirt dress dress_shirt dressing eyebrows_visible_through_hair fang hair_between_eyes kantai_collection kasumi_(kantai_collection) long_hair looking_at_viewer noeru_(gt17854) open_mouth panties pinafore_dress polka_dot polka_dot_panties red_bow remodel_(kantai_collection) shirt side_ponytail silver_hair sitting solo spoken_interrobang sweat thighhighs underwear v-shaped_eyebrows white_panties white_shirt

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