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Pocket Monsters SPECIAL (also known as Pokémon Special; in English territories, the name was changed to Pokémon Adventures) is a long-running manga series based on the pokemon games.

The series is written by Hidenori Kusaka and illustrated by Mato for the first 9 volumes. When Mato became ill and was unable to continue illustrating the series, yamamoto_satoshi took over as the illustrator and still continues as the series' artist.

Main characters

Generation I: red_(pokemon), ookido_green (Eng: Blue), blue_(pokemon) (Eng: Green), yellow_(pokemon)
Generation II: gold_(pokemon), silver_(pokemon), crystal_(pokemon) (Crys)
Generation III: ruby_(pokemon), odamaki_sapphire, mitsuru_(pokemon), emerald_(pokemon)
Generation IV: diamond_(pokemon), pearl_(pokemon), platinum_berlitz ("Ojousama")
Generation V: touya_(pokemon), touko_(pokemon), cheren_(pokemon), bel_(pokemon), lack-two_(pokemon) (Eng: Blake), whi-two_(pokemon) (Eng: Whitley), hue_(Pokemon)
Generation VI: x_(pokemon), y_na_gaabena (Y)
Generation VII: sun_(pokemon), moon_(pokemon)

External links

Pokemon Adventures Wikipedia page:émon_Adventures

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2girls :d blonde_hair blue_(pokemon) blue_background blue_eyes blue_footwear blue_pants brown_dress brown_hair creatures_(company) dress game_freak green_eyes hat locked_arms long_hair long_sleeves multiple_girls nintendo open_mouth pants poke_ball pokemon pokemon_special ponytail red_skirt skirt smile white_hat yellow_(pokemon) yui_ko1girl animal animal_on_head black_pants blonde_hair boots brown_hair creatures_(company) fishing fishing_rod game_freak gen_1_pokemon grass hat hat_feather nintendo on_head outdoors pants pikachu poke_ball poke_ball_(generic) pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_special purple_footwear reflection simple_background sitting sun_hat water white_background yellow_(pokemon) yui_ko1girl ass breasts creatures_(company) expressionless feet game_freak gloves green_hair hands_on_feet highres hizuki_akira long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back looking_down natsume_(pokemon) nintendo no_shoes pantyhose pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_(classic_anime) pokemon_special purple_eyes purple_hair red_eyes sketch skirt smile soles solo team_rocket very_long_hair white_legwear 1boy arm_up belt blue_(pokemon) boots creatures_(company) full_body game_freak gen_1_pokemon genderswap genderswap_(ftm) gloves graphite_(medium) hand_on_hip heart highres long_hair male_focus nintendo pokemon pokemon_special popped_collar shiro_(tiotolv) solo traditional_media wartortle  >:p 4boys arm_up blue_(pokemon) creatures_(company) flying_sweatdrops game_freak gen_1_pokemon genderswap genderswap_(ftm) gloves graphite_(medium) hair_over_one_eye hands_on_another's_shoulders highres jewelry long_hair male_focus multiple_boys necklace nintendo ookido_green poke_ball poke_ball_(generic) pokemon pokemon_special red_(pokemon) shiro_(tiotolv) silver_(pokemon) sleeveless spiked_hair tongue tongue_out torn_clothes traditional_media wartortle 1girl :d absurdres bangs between_legs black_legwear blue_bandana blue_eyes blue_jacket creatures_(company) fangs game_freak grey_hair hand_between_legs highres indian_style jacket long_hair nintendo odamaki_sapphire open_mouth pants pokemon pokemon_special sitting skin_tight sleeveless_jacket smile solo swept_bangs twintails wristband yuihiko

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