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Isekai light novel series written by Batora Fuyuhara and illustrated by Usatsuka_Eiji.

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2girls barefoot bikini blonde_hair breasts brown_hair ellen_urnea_ortlinde feet isekai_wa_smartphone_to_tomo_ni. large_breasts long_hair mature multiple_girls screencap stitched yuel_urnea_belfast1girl bikini breasts charlotte_(isekai_wa_smartphone_to_tomo_ni.) cleavage crossed_arms green_hair isekai_wa_smartphone_to_tomo_ni. large_breasts long_hair one-piece_swimsuit screencap stitched yellow_eyes1girl arm_up armpits bikini breasts eyes_closed hairband isekai_wa_smartphone_to_tomo_ni. linse_shileska medium_breasts screencap short_hair silver_hair smile solo stitched swimsuit upper_body1girl beach bikini_shorts black_hair expressionless isekai_wa_smartphone_to_tomo_ni. lapis_(isekai_wa_smartphone_to_tomo_ni.) maid_headdress navel purple_eyes screencap short_hair solo stitched swim_trunks tray tubetop1girl bikini blush breasts cecil_(isekai_wa_smartphone_to_tomo_ni.) cleavage isekai_wa_smartphone_to_tomo_ni. large_breasts long_hair open_mouth orange_hair screencap smile stitched3girls bangs barefoot beach bikini black_hair blush breasts else_shileska feet green_eyes highres isekai_wa_smartphone_to_tomo_ni. kokonoe_yae large_breasts linse_shileska long_hair multiple_girls navel sand screencap small_breasts smile stitched striped_bikini

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