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Tag type: General

This tag applies when at least one person or character depicted is currently brushing their teeth.

If the character(s)/person/people are only holding their toothbrush and it is not currently in their mouth or even touching
their teeth, then they are *not* brushing their teeth, in which case, this tag does *not* apply. For that situation, see instead the tag;

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 1boy 1girl =_= admiral_(azur_lane) aircraft arm_behind_head azur_lane blush brushing_teeth cape cleveland_(azur_lane) closed_mouth collarbone collared_shirt commentary_request covering_mouth eyebrows_visible_through_hair fingerless_gloves from_behind full_body gloves greyscale hair_ornament hat headgear heart highres kneehighs long_hair long_sleeves military military_hat military_uniform monochrome multiple_views naval_uniform ocean one_side_up open_clothes open_shirt peaked_cap plant pleated_skirt pointing potted_plant rudder_shoes ryou-san shirt skirt sleeves_rolled_up smile smoke squatting star star_print translation_request uniform water  1girl alternate_costume blush bra breasts brushing_teeth cleavage closed_mouth collarbone collared_shirt door doorknob hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon highres kantai_collection long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_monochrome navel open_clothes open_shirt ribbon see-through shirt short_sleeves sidelocks solo tone_(kantai_collection) toothbrush twintails underwear upper_body yami_(m31) 2girls :o animal animal_ears black_footwear black_shirt blonde_hair blush boots breast_pocket brushing_teeth bucket clothes_around_waist commentary doitsuken eyebrows_visible_through_hair fox_ears fox_girl fox_tail gloves hand_in_pocket highres hippopotamus jacket jacket_around_waist lavender_hair looking_at_viewer looking_up multiple_girls multiple_tails open_mouth orange_pants original over_shoulder oversized_animal pants parted_lips pocket ponytail red_eyes red_jacket red_pants shirt short_eyebrows short_hair simple_background sleeveless sleeveless_shirt sleeves_rolled_up slit_pupils tail thick_eyebrows toothbrush towel towel_around_neck two_tails white_background white_gloves yellow_eyes 1girl after_shower beige_background black_eyes black_hair blue_shirt blush brushing_teeth commentary_request dated hair_ornament hairclip highres long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer pajamas parted_lips sako_(user_ndpz5754) shirt signature solo toothbrush towel translation_request wet wet_hair 10s 2girls =_= ahoge armpits arms_behind_head arms_up bathroom blonde_hair blue_eyes blush breasts brown_hair brushing_teeth chemise cnm comb cowboy_shot english eyes_closed highres indoors iowa_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection large_breasts long_hair medium_breasts messy_hair mirror mouth_hold multiple_girls panties reflection saratoga_(kantai_collection) sleepy speech_bubble standing strap_slip tank_top toothbrush toothpaste tying_hair underwear white_panties 1boy 1girl ahoge artist_name bangs bare_legs bathroom beige_background black-framed_eyewear black_hair boxer_briefs boxers_pull bra breasts brown_eyes brushing_teeth cat cleavage contrapposto cup dated flip-flops floorplan foreshortening franner from_above full_body glasses handheld_game_console highres indoors logo long_hair looking_away medium_breasts mole mole_on_breast no_pants original overwatch panties parted_bangs perspective pink_bra pink_panties playing_games sandals shirt shower_curtain shower_head simple_background sink sitting standing strap_slip t-shirt toilet toilet_use toothbrush toothpaste towel towel_rack underwear underwear_only yellow_shirt

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