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Female Artist

She draws both fan art and original characters. She is well known for providing the character designs/concept art for the anime-eqsue web animation series rwby.


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 1girl blonde_hair ein_lee ember_celica_(rwby) english highres official_art prosthesis prosthetic_arm purple_eyes roosterteeth rwby solo yang_xiao_long  1girl belt blonde_hair ein_lee english navel official_art prosthesis prosthetic_arm purple_eyes rwby solo sunglasses sunglasses_removed yang_xiao_long 2boys 6+girls animal_ears artist_name blake_belladonna breasts brother_and_sister cat_ears cinder_fall cleavage crescent_rose ein_lee ember_celica_(rwby) mother_and_daughter multiple_boys multiple_girls myrtenaster official_art oscar_pine poster qrow_branwen raven_branwen roosterteeth ruby_rose rwby scar scar_across_eye siblings sisters uncle_and_niece weiss_schnee yang_xiao_long 1girl cape crescent_rose ein_lee english looking_at_viewer official_art pantyhose red_hair ruby_rose rwby scythe silver_eyes solo torn_clothes torn_pantyhose  1girl blonde_hair breasts cleavage commentary_request ein_lee ember_celica_(rwby) english highres navel official_art purple_eyes rwby shotgun_shells solo yang_xiao_long  1girl black_hair blake_belladonna bow comic commentary_request ein_lee english gambol_shroud hair_bow iesupa navel pantyhose promotions rwby yellow_eyes

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