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Tag type: General

For when a character or person depicted are not completely undressed, as in, they are not naked/nude, and the clothing they ARE still wearing
is at least partially/partway unbuttoned, unzipped, or partly pulled off of them.

Like say if a female character/person depicted is wearing a blouse or a male character/person is wearing a buttoned shirt, and the blouse/shirt has a few
buttons undone but not all of them, in that case, this tag applies.

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2girls arm_around_neck backless_outfit between_thighs black_hair blush boyshorts breast_press breasts cinder_fall earrings grey_hair head_hug jewelry kiss large_breasts long_hair multiple_girls nail_polish neck_kiss partially_undressed pixiv_username rwby symmetrical_docking winter_schnee yaya_(y8ay8a) yuri1girl blush eyebrows_visible_through_hair fate_(series) hair_over_one_eye looking_at_viewer mash_kyrielight mirai_(macharge) necktie necktie_removed pantyhose_removed partially_undressed purple_eyes purple_hair red_neckwear shoes_removed sitting translated trembling wavy_mouth white_background yokozuwari 1girl ? ass blue_eyes blue_hair blush breasts double_bun elbow_gloves embarrassed gloves grey_background highres kantai_collection large_breasts looking_at_viewer looking_back nose_blush open_mouth panties partially_undressed sideboob simple_background skindentation solo striped striped_panties underwear urakaze_(kantai_collection) white_gloves white_panties z5987  1girl arm_support arm_up bloom blush bottle bottomless bow breasts brown_eyes colored_pubic_hair desk drooling drunk hair_bow highres holding holding_bottle large_breasts looking_at_viewer maken-ki! nipples on_desk open_clothes open_shirt partially_undressed peeing peeing pink_hair ponytail pubic_hair pussy rokujou_minori saliva shirt smile solo spread_legs squatting uncensored window wine_bottle zjl_baiqishi  1girl ass barefoot blue_swimsuit bow breasts brown_eyes cup hair_bow highres kettle large_breasts looking_back maken-ki! nipples one-piece_swimsuit partially_undressed peeing peeing pink_hair ponytail profile pubic_hair rokujou_minori simple_background smile solo swimsuit swimsuit_aside white_background zjl_baiqishi  absurdres bathtub black_panties blush breasts brown_hair cleavage hand_behind_head highres hips lace lace-trimmed_panties long_hair medium_breasts messy_hair mirror multicolored_hair navel neo_(rwby) one_eye_closed open_mouth panties partially_undressed pink_hair raburine rwby socks thigh_gap toothbrush underwear waking_up yawning

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