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Last updated: 11/30/17 9:22 PM by Ravenlord
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 1boy arms_up basketball_uniform black_tank_top blue_eyes blue_hair bound bound_arms clothes_writing collarbone frown kuroko_no_basuke kuroko_tetsuya looking_at_viewer solo sportswear sukja tank_top tape tape_bondage upper_body  1boy 1girl artist_name black_eyes black_hair blurry braid cape cherry_blossoms close-up commentary couple depth_of_field earrings eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyelashes floating floral_background flower glowing glowing_petals grey_eyes grey_hair hair_ribbon hat height_difference hetero howl_(howl_no_ugoku_shiro) howl_no_ugoku_shiro jewelry light_smile looking_at_another looking_down old_woman petals pink_flower ribbon shaded_face shirt short_sleeves simple_background sophie_(howl_no_ugoku_shiro) sparkle standing straw_hat studio_ghibli sukja symbol_commentary upper_body white_background white_shirt wind wind_lift  1girl artist_name bangs bow earrings eyebrows_visible_through_hair glasses hair_bow half_updo jewelry light_blue_hair light_frown long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back original rimless_eyewear round_eyewear simple_background solo sukja upper_body white_background white_hair yellow_bow yellow_eyes  1boy abs artist_name baseball_cap black_eyes blood clothes_writing collarbone collared_shirt finger_to_mouth gloves hair_over_one_eye hat hataraku_saibou male_focus open_clothes open_shirt pants red_background shirt sitting solo sukja uniform white_blood_cell_(hataraku_saibou) white_gloves white_hair white_pants white_shirt  1girl antenna_hair arm_warmers bare_shoulders bouquet copyright_name dress flower long_hair looking_at_viewer nail_polish official_art polearm purple_dress purple_flower purple_hair red_eyes red_nails sitting solo sukja tiara trident uchi_no_hime-sama_ga_ichiban_kawaii watermark weapon  1girl ;d antenna_hair bare_shoulders blue_eyes bridal_gauntlets cat copyright_name dress drill_hair flower frilled_dress frills long_hair official_art one_eye_closed open_mouth purple_hair smile solo standing sukja tiara uchi_no_hime-sama_ga_ichiban_kawaii veil very_long_hair watermark wedding_dress white_background white_dress white_flower

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