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Tag type: Artist


Status: Active
Gender: Female
AKA: 弓月 愛, Yuzuki Ai, Ai Yuduki

Not to be confused with Yuzuki_Ai_(AV_idol).


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 1boy armor beard cape desert facial_hair fate/zero fate_(series) hand_on_own_chin highres horse male_focus red_eyes red_hair rider_(fate/zero) riding sand short_hair solo yuzuki_ai  1girl angel_wings belt boots breasts female final_fantasy final_fantasy_tactics gloves grey_hair head_wings leotard long_hair orange_eyes red_eyes silver_hair solo sword thigh_boots thighhighs ultima_(fft) weapon white_hair wings yuzuki_ai  1boy ahoge blonde_hair cravat final_fantasy final_fantasy_tactics formal male_focus ponytail ramza_beoulve red_eyes simple_background solo sword weapon yuzuki_ai  1boy blonde_hair final_fantasy final_fantasy_tactics knife male_focus nature outdoors rain ramza_beoulve short_hair sky solo yuzuki_ai