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Tag type: General

An abnormally small person, or small being with a human like form that has magical powers.

The most known association with dwarves is a creature resembling a tiny old man.

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1girl artist_request boots brown_hair class_of_heroes dwarf furry red_eyes solo 1boy armor beard belt brown_eyes cocked_eyebrow dwarf facial_hair fighting_stance full_body gauntlets grey_background holding holding_shield holding_weapon kuroi_susumu looking_at_viewer mace male_focus mustache official_art orange_hair red_hair shield simple_background solo standing sword_world sword_world_2.5 tabard thick_eyebrows weapon  1girl armor bangs boots brown_eyes dwarf full_body gauntlets grey_background hair_rings kuroi_susumu mace multicolored_hair official_art parted_bangs planted_weapon red_hair shield shoulder_armor simple_background smile solo standing sword_world sword_world_2.5 tabard two-tone_hair weapon 1girl artist_request brown_hair character_request dog dwarf furry long_hair solo twintails1girl 2boys ahegao angry arched_back arm_grab arm_held_back ass blush bouncing_breasts breasts brigitte_(overwatch) brown_eyes brown_hair caught dwarf family father_and_daughter freckles fucked_silly gimgugnae hair_pull heart-shaped_pupils heavy_breathing large_breasts motion_lines multiple_boys nipples nude overwatch ponytail reinhardt_(overwatch) rolling_eyes saliva scar sex stomach_bulge sweat symbol-shaped_pupils tears thighs tongue tongue_out torbjorn_(overwatch) walk-in 1girl :d apron bangs bare_shoulders blade_(galaxist) blush boots breasts brown_gloves brown_hair dark_skin dwarf eyebrows_visible_through_hair full_body gloves golem hand_up holding looking_at_viewer older open_mouth pants pointy_ears pop-up_story puffy_pants purple_eyes screwdriver simple_background sitting small_breasts smile solo white_background work_gloves ymir_paaya

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