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The Most Despicable and Disastrous Eldest Twin Sister

She is a character in the Touhou series of video games. A Main antagonist of Antinomy_of_Common_Flowers along with her sister], Yorigami_Jo'on.

Being a Poverty Goddess, Shion is depicted in tatters, unlike her sister. She wears a hair_bow atop her blue_hair. Her hair length is ambiguous: Harukawa's portrait of her depicts her with long_hair blending with her blue aura, but the in-game sprites depict her with short_hair. She has blue_eyes. Shion wears a white hoodie complementing her blue_skirt. She is barefoot. Shion also has a black stuffed_cat perched on her arm and she holds a damaged bowl. Similar to her sister, she wears gold bangles. debt papers cover Shion's clothes and her stuffed cat. Do not confuse them with the ofuda covering Mokou's pants.

Shion is a Poverty Goddess, and stores bad luck and debts within her. As more and more is stored within her, she explodes and scatters bad luck around. Her ability allows her to possess people to reduce their luck and make them poor. Shion is usually Jo'on's cohort in her scams.

Note: The pieces of paper covering Shion are NOT ofuda and should not be tagged as such. Tag them with debt.

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