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Tag type: Character

A white haired and white clothed teen girl/AI that is the star of the 3D virtual youtuber channel Dennou_Shoujo_Youtuber_Shiro.

She is a calm and sweet-natured aspiring idol who is almost always smiling and speaks in a soft yet high-pitched voice. She made her debut on June 28, 2017. Her video content consists of vlogs, video game playthroughs, and some musical performances. She is most famous for her playthroughs of the third person shooter/competitive multiplayer game Player Unknown's Battle Ground. She is notable for maintaining her sweet voice and demeanor even when she is in the midst of committing violent acts in her video game playthroughs, which has led to her being characterized as psychotic in fanart. She also has a distinctive laugh where in the middle of an otherwise standard laugh, she will suddenly make dolphin-like squeak noises. She is notably more well-versed in speaking English than most other Japanese virtual youtubers. While most of her videos are in Japanese, she has occasionally released bilingual videos where she speaks in both Japanese and English and has redubbed older episodes into English.

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