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A term to describe the imaginary "wall" that separates the piece of fiction from the real-life audience.

This tag is used when that wall is "broken" by the characters involved giving indication of realization that they are set in fiction, usually by directly addressing the audience or directly interacting with elements of the medium, such as grabbing a speech-bubble or similar actions. Deadpool in particular is known for his constant breaking of the fourth wall.

The pixiv tag is メタ発言 (meta quote): (the "meta" tag on Gelbooru has a different meaning, however).

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2girls against_glass ass ass-to-ass ass_press bent_over bodysuit cameltoe darling_in_the_franxx fourth_wall from_behind ichigo_(darling_in_the_franxx) multiple_girls red_bodysuit selarz shiny shiny_clothes skin_tight white_bodysuit zero_two_(darling_in_the_franxx)alternate_eye_color blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair fourth_wall lillie_(pokemon) pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_(game) pokemon_sm pokemon_sm_(anime) suiren_(pokemon) translation_request 1girl against_glass ahoge beanie black_hair blush breasts breath bush christmas_lights closed_mouth eyebrows_visible_through_hair fourth_wall fur-trimmed_hat fur-trimmed_mittens fur-trimmed_shawl fur_trim hair_between_eyes hair_intakes happy_birthday hat heart idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls kohinata_miho light_particles looking_at_viewer mittens moon night orange_eyes orange_moon outdoors pink_sweater pom_pom_(clothes) sch shawl shiny shiny_hair short_hair sidewalk small_breasts smile solo steam sweater twitter_username upper_body white_hat white_mittens winter_clothes  1girl black_eyes blue_sailor_collar blue_skirt broken_glass brown_hair bullet_hole closed_mouth contemporary fourth_wall glass grey_neckwear gun hand_up highres jpeg_artifacts long_sleeves looking_at_viewer midriff navel neckerchief onomatopoeia original pleated_skirt red_background red_shirt sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shirt shoes short_hair simple_background skirt smoke smoking_gun socks solo standing tim_loechner weapon white_legwear 1girl ahoge artist_name bdsm bell bell_choker between_legs blush bondage bound breast_bondage breasts brown_hair choker christmas commentary convenient_censoring doki_doki_literature_club english_commentary fourth_wall frogtie full_body fur_trim green_eyes hair_intakes hand_between_legs hat highres implied_masturbation kneeling long_hair looking_at_viewer maullarmaullar medium_breasts monika_(doki_doki_literature_club) navel nipples off_shoulder pussy_juice red_legwear rope santa_hat shibari solo thighhighs 1girl :d bangs blonde_hair blue_eyes commentary_request coupy_pencil_(medium) emblem eyebrows_visible_through_hair face fourth_wall girls_und_panzer gofu green_jacket jacket katyusha looking_at_viewer open_mouth pravda_school_uniform red_shirt school_uniform shirt short_hair smile solo traditional_media turtleneck

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