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Tag type: General

A long and narrow cone shaped hat worn by wizards (or other magic users).

For tagging purposes this is to be used for conical hats that are brimless. Images of conical hats that are brimmed but particularly tall and rigid or those that would have some other trait (such as color and pattern) that would classify it as a wizard's hat may also be included under this tag.

As a rule of thumb, Kirisame_Marisa most frequently wears a witch_hat, while Mima most frequently wears a wizard hat.

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 1girl bare_shoulders blonde_hair blue_footwear boots breasts cleavage dark_magician_girl duel_monster green_eyes hat highres large_breasts long_hair panties pentacle solo underwear white_panties wizard_hat yu-gi-oh! yuu-gi-ou_duel_monsters zuttokodomo  3boys armor blonde_hair blue_gloves blue_hat dark_magician facial_mark full_armor gloves hat holding holding_weapon kanaria_(fuusenkazura) looking_at_viewer multiple_boys silver_hair spaulders standing weapon wizard_hat yu-gi-oh!  1girl capelet crescent ghost_tail green_eyes green_hair hat haya_taro_pochi mima shirt smile staff touhou touhou_(pc-98) wizard_hat  1girl blue_eyes breasts duel_monster gloves hat highres iojkmn large_breasts long_hair silent_magician silver_hair solo wand witch_hat wizard_hat yu-gi-oh! yuu-gi-ou_duel_monsters  1boy 1girl black_coat breasts character_request hat original school_uniform short_hair staff tomas_(kaosu22) wand wizard_hat  3girls :o ;d ;p absurdres ahoge animal_ears blonde_hair bow brown_eyes brown_hair cellphone crescent disney fake_animal_ears girl_sandwich hair_ornament hairband hairclip hat highres holding holding_hair_ornament ibuki_tsubasa idolmaster idolmaster_million_live! kasuga_mirai madogiwa_(ran5) makabe_mizuki mickey_mouse_ears minnie_mouse_ears multiple_girls one_eye_closed one_side_up open_mouth phone pink_eyes polka_dot polka_dot_bow print_hat purple_hair sandwiched self_shot short_hair smartphone smile star star_print tongue tongue_out wizard_hat yellow_eyes

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