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Tag type: General

A string used to hold a hat, usually cowboy hats or similar headwear, on a person's head.

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Last updated: 02/18/18 2:28 PM by DastardlyDemolish
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2016 4boys alternate_costume asymmetrical_bangs backpack blonde_hair boots brown_hair character_name cigarette contemporary double-breasted goatee green_hair grey_background grin hair_over_one_eye hands_in_pockets headwear_removed highres jacket male_focus monkey_d_luffy multiple_boys necktie one-eyed one_piece red_footwear red_jacket roronoa_zoro sanji scar side_bangs smile smoking stampede_string straw_hat toggle trafalgar_law1boy hat male_focus monkey_d_luffy monochrome one_piece open_clothes open_shirt scar shirt simple_background solo spot_color stampede_string straw_hat upper_body white_background1boy beaded_necklace belt bracelet character_name eilinna hand_on_headwear hat jewelry knife male_focus necklace one_piece portgas_d_ace sheath shirtless shorts solo stampede_string thigh_strap1boy abs beaded_necklace belt bracelet brown_eyes elbow_pads fire hand_on_headwear hat jewelry knife magic male_focus necklace one_piece pixiv_id_4407132 portgas_d_ace shirtless smiley stampede_string1boy animal_ears animal_hood bow brown_eyes capri_pants cat_boy cat_ears cat_tail fake_animal_ears full_body hand_over_mouth hat heart hoodie looking_at_viewer male_focus monkey_d_luffy one_piece open_clothes open_shirt perspective pole red_pants red_ribbon sandals scar shirt simple_background solo stampede_string straw_hat tail unzipped weapon white_background1boy backpack character_name fire freckles hat jewelry limited_palette male_focus necklace one_piece portgas_d_ace shirtless smile solo stampede_string sven_from_oz

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