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The Gelbooru Wiki exists to provide information about topics relevant to the site. Primarily, wiki entries are used to explain the usage of the various tags given to posts. In addition, the wiki allows us to construct useful informational resources such as tag lists, tag groups, and "How To" pages such as the one you are currently viewing.

This page will give you an idea of how to properly construct or edit an entry in the Gelbooru Wiki, as well as some warnings regarding what conduct is unacceptable. As with all things, if you have further questions about the material presented here, you may ask a staff member or contributor for help. Most of us are glad to help you.

And should you accidentally create a non-relevant wiki page, you may report it for removal in the Gardeners Guild forum thread here: forum #1706


A modified form of dtext is used for formatting wiki pages. (A separate help page for this may be linked here when available.)


Use "[ b ]" and "[/ b]" for headers and subheaders. (Remove the spaces inside the brackets). Character names should be written in the same order as their corresponding tag.


What not to do

* No spoilers. The wiki is not the place to give away plot information. If spoilers are absolutely necessary in order to describe the basis of a meme or other tag, please be sure to mark them properly with spoiler tags: [ spoiler ] and [/ spoiler] (Remove the spaces inside the brackets).
* Do not make entries for nonexistent tags. Do not make entries for characters or copyrights that don't have any posts. Do not make vanity entries for yourself or for other users. There are some exceptions for rules articles such as this one, or explanatory categories such as tag_groups.
* Do not be subjective or biased. Wikis should be purely objective. Your personal feelings on the issue do not belong. Do not use words like "stupid", "sexy", "annoying", or "awesome".

What to do

* Be concise. Provide only the basic information that someone unfamiliar with the subject needs to know. As a rule of thumb, avoid going beyond one to two short paragraphs. If possible, especially regarding characters and copyrights, provide a link to an outside website with further information for the benefit of those interested.
* Be relevant. Only include information that is relevant to Gelbooru. The main purpose of a wiki entry is to explain how a tag is used, not to list everything you know about the topic.
* Link to other wiki entries. When you mention another tag, don't forget to link to that tag's wiki entry.
* List other relevant links. Put links to any other relevant tags or outside websites in a "See also" section at the bottom of the entry.

Character wikis

* List the copyright. Don't forget to mention which copyright the character is from.
* Describe the character's appearance. Be descriptive enough that someone unfamiliar with the character will be able to recognize and tag that character.
* List the character's name in kanji/kana. This is helpful for translators.
* Use correct naming conventions. Characters are tagged in the way they are written in their native languages, thus kinomoto_sakura, not Sakura Kinomoto. This "original order" policy carries over from tagging into wiki writing as well as translation notes.
* List other relevant tags. Be sure to list any other tags that relate to the character. These may include alternate versions of the character, genderswaps, parody, tag_group:meme, and so on.

Copyright wikis

* Provide a brief synopsis. A short synopsis to provide some context is helpful, but do not describe the plot in detail and do not provide spoilers.
* List related characters. List any characters that are involved in the copyright. Do not list characters that don't have any posts.
* List related copyrights. List any related sequels, prequels, or spin-offs.
* Refer to series using the name Gelbooru uses. For example, use hayate_no_gotoku! in a wiki, not Hayate the Combat Butler. It may be appropriate to mention alternate or translated titles, but use our tag as the primary.

Other Wiki Information

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