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Tag type: Character


Prince of Askr in fire_emblem_heroes, Alfonse is one of the default heroes given to the player along with sharena and anna_(fire_emblem). They are the original members of the Order of Heroes.

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1boy 1girl alfonse_(fire_emblem) beach bikini blonde_hair blue_hair braid breasts brother_and_sister chibi cleavage commission crown_braid fire_emblem fire_emblem_heroes food gradient_hair green_eyes ice_cream ice_cream_cone long_hair medium_breasts midriff multicolored_hair navel noii ocean one_eye_closed open_mouth sandals sharena short_hair siblings surfboard swimsuit twitter_username wave white_bikini1boy 2girls absurdres alfonse_(fire_emblem) anna_(fire_emblem) blonde_hair blue_hair blush braid breasts closed_mouth fan festival fire_emblem fire_emblem_heroes fireworks highres japanese_clothes kimono long_hair looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair multiple_girls night nishimura_(nianiamu) open_mouth paper_fan ponytail red_hair sharena short_hair simple_background smile summer_festival uchiwa water_yoyo white_background yukata 5girls 6+boys alfonse_(fire_emblem) animal_ears aura belt bunny_ears closed_mouth comic dark_aura fake_animal_ears female_my_unit_(fire_emblem:_kakusei) fire_emblem fire_emblem:_kakusei fire_emblem_heroes gimurei greyscale hood hood_up long_hair long_sleeves lucina male_my_unit_(fire_emblem:_kakusei) menoko monochrome multiple_boys multiple_girls multiple_persona my_unit_(fire_emblem:_kakusei) open_mouth robe short_hair summoner_(fire_emblem_heroes) tiara translation_request twintails  alfonse_(fire_emblem) anna_(fire_emblem) armor bare_shoulders blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blush braid breasts cape cleavage dress earrings feather_trim fire_emblem fire_emblem_heroes gloves green_eyes highres jewelry juria0801 large_breasts lipstick loki_(fire_emblem_heroes) long_hair makeup multicolored_hair multiple_girls official_art one_eye_closed open_mouth ponytail purple_eyes purple_hair red_eyes red_hair sharena short_hair simple_background smile weapon 5boys 6+girls alfonse_(fire_emblem) alm_(fire_emblem) anna_(fire_emblem) armor black_gloves blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair bow brown_gloves cake chiki circlet crown cup d0o00o0b eating eyes_closed fa facial_mark feh_(fire_emblem_heroes) fingerless_gloves fire_emblem fire_emblem:_fuuin_no_tsurugi fire_emblem:_monshou_no_nazo fire_emblem:_souen_no_kiseki fire_emblem_echoes:_mou_hitori_no_eiyuuou fire_emblem_heroes fire_emblem_if fjorm_(fire_emblem_heroes) food forehead_mark fork from_side gloves green_eyes green_hair grey_hair grin hat headband holding ike long_hair mamkute marks_(fire_emblem_if) marth multiple_boys multiple_girls one_eye_closed open_mouth party_hat photo_(object) ponytail purple_hair red_bow red_eyes red_hair sharena sharena_(fire_emblem) short_hair smile teacup tiara veronica_(fire_emblem) 1girl 3boys alfonse_(fire_emblem) blue_eyes blue_hair bow capelet comic cosplay fa fa_(cosplay) facial_mark fire_emblem fire_emblem:_fuuin_no_tsurugi fire_emblem:_rekka_no_ken forehead_mark green_eyes hector_(fire_emblem) hood hood_up long_sleeves mamkute multiple_boys oka_(umanihiki) open_mouth pointy_ears purple_hair short_hair summoner_(fire_emblem_heroes) tears translation_request wavy_mouth

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