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Chinese: 天灯 / 天燈 (tiān dēng) or 孔明灯 / 孔明燈 (kǒngmíng dēng, "Kongming's lantern" - zhuge_liang)
Thai: โคมลอย (khom loi)

Hot_air_balloons with candles in them. Often used for festivals in China, Thailand and Poland.

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 absurdres balcony building cat chimney city city_lights cityscape commentary_request drainpipe grass highres lantern light night night_sky no_humans orange_(color) original outdoors paper_lantern pavement pei_(sumurai) plant railing scenery silhouette sky sky_lantern smoke tree window  1girl asymmetrical_hair black_hair candy_apple checkered checkered_kimono date_a_live eyes_closed floral_print food hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon heterochromia highres holding holding_food japanese_clothes kimono long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mo_(pixiv9929995) nail_polish night red_eyes red_kimono red_nails red_ribbon ribbon sky sky_lantern smile solo star_(sky) starry_sky tokisaki_kurumi twintails very_long_hair wide_sleeves yellow_eyes  1girl bangs blurry brown_eyes brown_hair cowboy_shot depth_of_field dutch_angle from_side grey_hair hands_up hat high_collar highres japanese_clothes kariginu lantern light_smile long_sleeves looking_away luke_(kyeftss) mononobe_no_futo night open_hands open_mouth outdoors paper_lantern pom_pom_(clothes) ponytail profile railing ribbon-trimmed_sleeves ribbon_trim sideways_mouth sky_lantern solo standing tate_eboshi touhou wide_sleeves  1boy architecture bell bridge castle cloud cloudy_sky crescent_moon east_asian_architecture facing_away fog from_above gate highres house ling_xiang moon mountain night original outdoors railing scenery sky sky_lantern stairs standing tree water waterfall  1girl absurdres black_hair cherry_blossoms closed_mouth eyes_closed facing_viewer highres long_hair original partially_submerged rokku sky_lantern solo water  1girl bare_shoulders blonde_hair blue_eyes cloud ghostblade hair_up hands_clasped highres interlocked_fingers landscape lantern looking_afar mole mole_under_eye original own_hands_together paper_lantern sad sky sky_lantern solo sunset wind wlop

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