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Tag type: General

it includes dogs wolfs and other such animals

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 apple bird canine creatures_(company) fang flying food fruit game_freak gen_3_pokemon gen_4_pokemon gen_7_pokemon graphite_(medium) highres mechanical_pencil nintendo no_humans owl pencil pokemon riolu rowlet sitting taillow traditional_media wings 1boy 1girl 3d animated areola_slip areolae artist_name bandai blender blue_eyes bodysuit bounce bouncing_breasts breasts canine cleavage comandorekin covering covering_one_eye dark_penis earrings erection fur grabbing hair_over_one_eye huge_penis indoors interspecies isabella_valentine jewelry large_breasts large_penis lipstick looking_at_viewer loop makeup monster namco paizuri paizuri_under_clothes penis pov pov_eye_contact purple_hair purple_lipstick revealing_clothes rubbing short_hair silver_hair solo_focus soul_calibur soulcalibur soulcalibur_v thrusting uncensored underboob upper_body video watermark webm werewolf