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Tag type: Artist

Nickname: katsu
Gender: Male
Location: Japan



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1girl alternate_hairstyle bathing black_hair brown_eyes covering covering_breasts dutch_angle erect_nipples expressionless fence from_side hair_down head_tilt highres katsu_(24791909) kimi_no_na_wa long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back marker_(medium) miyamizu_mitsuha nude onsen solo steam traditional_media wet wet_hair wooden_fence1girl bag bangs clothes_removed covering covering_breasts full_moon futon highres indoors katsu_(24791909) looking_at_viewer moon night night_sky nipple_slip nipples nude ranma_1/2 school_bag shawl short_hair sky small_breasts solo tendou_akane window yokozuwari 1girl bob_cut brown_eyes brown_hair cloud comet from_behind grass highres japanese_clothes katsu_(24791909) kimi_no_na_wa kimono looking_back marker_(medium) miyamizu_mitsuha mountain short_hair sky star_(sky) starry_sky traditional_media yukata