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Tag type: General

An image depicting one ambiguously or non-gendered character.

Dolls only count if they act on their own.

Depictions of characters on paintings etc don't count unless it plays a major role in the work.

If the presence of a character is only implicated it doesn't count.

To be used in combination with ambiguous_gender or androgynous where applicable.

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 1other :d androgynous barefoot convenient_censoring houseki_no_kuni long_hair nail_polish nude open_mouth padparadscha_(houseki_no_kuni) red_eyes red_hair red_nails simple_background smile tea_oden translation_request very_long_hair white_background  1other androgynous crystal_hair facing_away from_behind full_moon gem_uniform_(houseki_no_kuni) highres houseki_no_kuni jingsan_mari long_hair moon night night_sky padparadscha_(houseki_no_kuni) red_hair shirt short_sleeves sky solo star_(sky) very_long_hair wavy_hair white_shirt  1girl 1other black_skirt blue_eyes blue_hair breasts collared_shirt commentary_request dated flower glasses grey_hair hair_flower hair_ornament hand_up headgear high-waist_skirt index_finger_raised konshin large_breasts long_sleeves looking_at_viewer original red_eyes shirt signature simple_background skirt white_background white_shirt wing_collar  1other ahoge androgynous artist_name black_background black_neckwear black_shirt collared_shirt commentary cracked_skin cropped_torso crying crying_with_eyes_open crystal_hair diamond_(houseki_no_kuni) elbow_gloves gem_uniform_(houseki_no_kuni) glint gloves highres houseki_no_kuni long_hair looking_at_viewer mivit necktie parted_lips self_hug shatter shirt short_sleeves silver_hair simple_background smile solo spikes tears upper_body white_gloves white_shirt wing_collar  1other alternate_costume androgynous cellphone choker colored_eyelashes contemporary dark_background earrings full_body gloves green_eyes green_hair hat houseki_no_kuni jewelry looking_at_viewer meng phone phosphophyllite see-through short_hair simple_background skirt smartphone smile solo sparkle  1other androgynous antarcticite camellia colored_eyelashes eyes_visible_through_hair flower gem_uniform_(houseki_no_kuni) gloves high_heels houseki_no_kuni long_bangs necktie short_hair silver_eyes silver_hair smile solo white_eyes white_hair yooani

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