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Tag type: Artist

Other names: リヨ, riyo_(lyot), lyot, bernhardt_riyo_the_third, bernhardt_riyo_3sei, bernhardt_lyot_the_third, bernhardt_lyot_3sei, ベルナール・リヨ3世, リ__ヨ, littleyelp, lyot3rd

Artist, mangaka.

Status: Active

Always collaborates with Hebo-peanut-P in creating several Idolmaster Videos. This famous video [ ] was illustrated by Lyot and created by Hebo-peanut-P .

Name as a mangaka: リヨ (Lyot or Riyo)
Name in pixiv: "リ ヨ" (Lyot or Riyo)
Name in Nico Nico Douga: ベルナール・リヨ3世 (Bernhardt Lyot the Third)
Nico Nico account name: heboPP+Lyot
Twitter username: lyot3rd / ベルナール・リヨ3世

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Tumblr account:
Pixiv account: /
Niconico account (shared with Hebo-Peanut-P): /
Nicopedia article:
Yahoo's web comic site:


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