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Tag type: General

An image depicting the act of firing a weapon.

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 >_< 4girls antique_firearm artist_name bangs belt belt_buckle black_hair buckle building bullet chains chibi commentary_request copyright_name double-breasted fate/grand_order fate_(series) firearm firing flag gloves gun hair_between_eyes hand_up hat holding holding_gun holding_weapon jacket kawacy keikenchi_(style) koha-ace long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer middle_finger multiple_girls oda_nobunaga_(fate) oda_uri outdoors over_shoulder peaked_cap power_lines red_eyes sky smile smoke standing weapon weapon_over_shoulder white_gloves  2boys 90s alien armor army assault_rifle attack bandanna bill_rizer black_hair blonde_hair body_armor box_art building cannon captured cityscape claws clenched_teeth contra contra_iii_the_alien_wars cropped damaged dirty dog drill drone dutch_angle epic fangs firing flamethrower flying game_console gameplay_mechanics glowing glowing_eye glowing_eyes ground_vehicle gun hanging helmet highres insect_wings jaws konami lance_bean machinery manly mecha military military_vehicle missile_pod motor_vehicle multiple_boys muscle mutant official_art oldschool perspective promotional_art realistic red_eyes red_falcon_(contra) rifle robot rocket_launcher running scan science_fiction shouting size_difference smoke soldier spikes super_nintendo tank teeth tom_dubois traditional_media turret weapon wings 1girl animated animated_gif asian breasts firing gun handgun julia large_breasts latex lowres midd-893 moodyz nipples open_clothes open_shirt photo pistol shirt slow_motion weapon 1boy 1girl 4koma :d apron arcade_stick arm_up bkub clenched_hands comic controller electric_socket emphasis_lines faceless faceless_male fantasista_(arcade) firing game_controller greyscale gun hair_ornament halftone highres holding holding_gun holding_weapon joystick monkey monochrome necktie no_pupils open_door open_mouth plug raised_fist shirt short_hair shotgun shouting sidelocks simple_background sis-tan smile speech_bubble speed_lines star star-shaped_pupils star_hair_ornament symbol-shaped_pupils talking translation_request two-tone_background weapon  4girls cape comic crop_top distant emphasis_lines explosion firing flat_cap greyscale hat hibiki_(kantai_collection) i-class_destroyer ikazuchi_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection kikuzuki_(kantai_collection) legs_apart long_hair machinery meitoro monochrome multiple_girls no_pants ocean outdoors panties pov rensouhou-chan ro-class_destroyer sailor_collar sailor_shirt school_uniform serafuku shinkaisei-kan shirt sound_effects standing standing_on_liquid ta-class_battleship turret underwear  aiming bomberman camouflage_shirt cigarette domino_mask e-liter_3k_(splatoon) firing green_hair headband higami_akabane inkling mask one_eye_closed paint pointy_ears serious shoes shorts sneakers sparkle splatoon tentacle_hair tied_hair white_bomberman yellow_eyes

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