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"":( is an anime art board running "Moebooru":(, a heavily-modified fork of the Danbooru 1 software. Sometimes, you may want to upload an image from to Gelbooru.

When to upload

If the image was posted to from another site, such as the artist's Pixiv or homepage, and that page is still available, upload from that site instead. Only upload from if it is a scan. On, pictures that aren't scans should have a Source field, while scans do not, but you can double-check by using a "reverse image search" Note If it's not a scan or third-party edit, than uploading images from isn't recomended as the site will alter the md5 hash (See Md5_mismatch) of images upon uploading there.


Fullsize image

The highest quality version of the post can be found in the "Download PNG" link, or, if that isn't there, then the "Download larger version" link.

Image link format

The URL of the image you are uploading should begin with If it begins with, it is an image sample instead of the full version. If it begins with, it is the JPEG version when a superior PNG version is available.


Post source

The image URL may look strange (for example, it may contain a long list of tags at the end) but don't adjust it.

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