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Current name the entire service: "niconico"
Its video-sharing service/feature is still commonly known as its old name, ニコニコ動画 (Nico Nico Douga, Nico Nico Video).

Popular Japanese video site. Its mascot character is called "Niconico TV-chan (ニコニコテレビちゃん)."
Has their own Wiki system. ("ニコニコ大百科", Nicopedia) Each of the articles has 2ch-like oekaki boards.
There is its sister site. ("ニコニコ静画", niconico Seiga, niconico Imageboard)

ニコニコ生放送 (niconico Nama Hosou, Niconico Live Streaming) is a popular live streaming video service. It's often abbreviated as ニコ生 or ニコなま. For images that use this name or one of its variants in the image, please use this tag.

Use this tag for various Niconico utaite that have gained some fanart, as well.

List of Niconico personalities
* 96neko
* amatsuki_(nico_nico_douga) (Amatsuki)
* ask_(nico_nico_douga) (Ask)
* Gero
* gom_(niconico) (Gom)
* Halyosy
* Kogeinu
* kurenai_(nico_nico_douga) (Kurenai)
* Mafumafu
* nero_(nico_nico_douga) (Nero)
* nqrse
* Reol
* Shoose
* Soraru
* Valshe (formerly)

.See also

* Wikipedia article:
* Website URL: (Registration is required to view videos)
* Nicopedia URL:
* NicoSeiga URL:
* Chinese counterpart website with similar style, bilibili_douga|bilibili
* howto:nicoseiga

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