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Tag type: Character

A non-canonical Metroid character created by a Japanese doujinshi artist named Onomeshin. Nicole debuted in "Erosuit Samus X" and also appeared in the follow-up title "Zero Gravity", both by Onomeshin. In "Erosuit Samus X", Nicole is a young man who is said to have been rescued by Samus personally and subsequently allowed to live in her home. During that time, Nicole took care of housekeeping, ship maintenance, and other tasks. In "Zero Gravity", Nicole is said to have moved out on his own, and possesses a desire to be like Samus by helping to protect the galaxy. To this end, he pursues training at a Galactic Federation academy to become a ship mechanic. He and Samus share a romantic/sexual relationship throughout the two stories.
Nicole hails from an obscure system called Garia, and is described as being a member of a human subspecies referred to as "Beastmen". Similar to certain animals, it is said that Beastmen are known to experience mating seasons, which provides the impetus for the developments in "Erosuit Samus X".

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