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Tag type: General

An TAPSONIC TOP’s main idol/heroine well-known for her songs "Tok! Tok! Tok!"

From MUCA's Website:
A support manager, always standing by the producer offering help. A complete workaholic, she loves to work and does nothing else. Smiling all the time, consider the job well done! Rumor is that she is also avery good singer.

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1girl animal_ears animated animated_gif artist_request black_hair bunny_ears jumping lena_(tapsonic_top) lowres neowiz official_art pixel_art tapsonic_top transparent_background twintails1girl animal_ears artist_request black_gloves black_hair blue_eyes bunny_ears gloves glowing lena_(tapsonic_top) long_ribbon looking_at_viewer neowiz official_art smile tapsonic_top transparent_background twintails1girl artifacts artist_request black_gloves black_hair blue_eyes bunny_ears glowing lena_(tapsonic_top) neowiz official_art tapsonic_top transparent_background twintails wink