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Tag type: Character

モーム Moomu)

A female character from the Choujikuu_Seiki_Orguss mecha anime science_fiction TV series from the 80s.

Mome is a Mu android with a small girl's body.


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 athena_henderson black_hair blonde_hair blood brown_hair choujikuu_seiki_orguss choujikuu_yousai_macross crossover dress emaan gloves green_hair hayase_misa ichijou_hikaru kakizaki_hayao kei_katsuragi kim_kamirov long_hair look-alike lynn_minmay macross macross:_do_you_remember_love? maximilian_jenius mikimoto_haruhiko military_uniform millia_jenius mimsy_raas mome_(orguss) multiple_boys multiple_girls official_art orguss pilot_suit roy_focker uniform vanessa_laird  1girl android armband blue_eyes boots choujikuu_(series) choujikuu_seiki_orguss dress flat_chest green_hair kemi_(kemi433) loli looking_at_viewer mome_(orguss) no_panties off_shoulder simple_background sitting solo studio_nue thighs wariza  1girl android blue_eyes child choujikuu_seiki_orguss control_station dress green_hair highres holographic_interface holographic_keyboard holographic_monitor maimai-dou maimai_do mome_(orguss) orguss science_fiction skirt solo spacecraft_interior  80s 90s animage arsene_lupin_iii calendar chibi choujikuu_seiki_orguss cover doris_wave epic fred_shuffle giant_gorg ginga_hyouryuu_vifam hat jacket katsuragi_kei kaze_no_tani_no_nausicaa kikou_souseiki_mospeada lupin_iii magazine_cover magazine_scan mahou_no_tenshi_creamy_mami meitantei_holmes mint_labule mome_(orguss) morisawa_yuu mospeada mugen_masato multiple_boys multiple_girls naniwa_ai nausicaa okawari-boy_starzan_s oldschool orguss plawres_sanshirou red_jacket routinie_pressette scan shalon_publin sherlock_holmes_(meitantei_holmes) sideburns stick_bernard studio_ghibli teto tokusou_kihei_dorvack top_hat traditional_media world_masterpiece_theater yagami_jun yumeno_hoshio  1girl choujikuu_seiki_orguss green_eyes green_hair ishkick long_hair mecha mome_(orguss) nanaashi orguss robot  1girl android baseball_bat boots child choujikuu_seiki_orguss dress green_hair long_hair mome_(orguss) orguss playing swinging yosaku

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