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For a character [1] from Puzzle_&_Dragons, use Zweihander_(P&D).

The Zweihänder (pronounced "tsvay-haen-dar", literally "two-handed") is a massive late medieval/early Renaissance Germanic sword with two hilts and two half-moon parrying hooks. Due to its large size it required two hands to wield, hence the name. It was used in place of a halberd against cavalry and pike formations.



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 1girl absurdres black_hair blood bloody_weapon disembodied_limb dress grass greyscale highres holding holding_finger holding_weapon jewelry jmichek1 long_hair monochrome no_shoes original ring scratches sword weapon zweihander  agent_(dungeon_and_fighter) ammunition_belt broken_glass commentary dungeon_and_fighter facial_hair glass green_jacket grey_hair gun gunblader_(dungeon_and_fighter) handgun highres hitman_(dungeon_and_fighter) jacket katana lens_flare military_jacket neon_lights scarf short_hair shotgun smoke specialist_(dungeon_and_fighter) sveid sword troubleshooter_(dungeon_and_fighter) watch weapon white_jacket zweihander  1girl 4boys astaroth_(soulcalibur) axe highres holding holding_axe holding_sword holding_weapon isabella_valentine junny lizardman_(soulcalibur) multiple_boys nightmare_(soulcalibur) soul_edge_(weapon) soulcalibur_vi sword weapon zweihander  1girl codpiece crossover gauntlets gloves hidden_eyes horns huge_weapon lutherniel monster_hunter over_shoulder solo sword tyranid warhammer_40k weapon weapon_over_shoulder zweihander 1boy armor belt blonde_hair castle crotch_plate epic faulds gauntlets gloves green_eyes holding holding_sword holding_weapon male_focus manly moreshan pauldrons scar scarf siegfried_schtauffen solo soul_calibur sword sword_behind_back weapon zweihander 1girl alternate_universe boots cape cat_with_a_brush commentary corset eyepatch long_hair ruby_rose rwby solo sword thighhighs weapon zweihander

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