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Tag type: Artist

Taiwanese artist

Names / aliases:
鬼 ジャプ (onijapu)
おにジャプエロ駄 (onijapuerota)
おにタン (Onitan)
ティーバッグ(おに) (teabaggu (oni))
MOK茶包 (MOK chá bāo)
M.O.K.ちゃぶくろ (M.O.K. Chabukuro)

Online pressence: - 鬼 ジャプ (onijapu) - 鬼 ジャプ (onijapu) - ティーバッグ(おに) (teabaggu (oni)) - おにジャプエロ駄 @onijapuerota - おにタン@金曜日 東 ユ58a (Onitan@kin'youbi azuma yu 58a) @OnirengerGo - MOK茶包-1550845951912340 / MOKJABU - MOK茶包粉絲專頁 (MOK chá bāo fěnsī zhuān yè, "MOK Chá bāo fan page")
ComikeWebCatalog: - M.O.K.ちゃぶくろ (M.O.K. Chabukuro, "M.O.K. teabag") - M.O.K.茶包 (M.O.K. chá bāo, "MOK teabag")

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