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Tag type: None

This tag indicates that an image sourced from Tumblr is sampled, and is not the original image. It should be used when a higher-quality version of the uploaded image exists (typically _raw).

Tumblr images carry one of multiple available file name suffixes:

_75sq (sample; thumbnail)
_100 (sample; thumbnail)
_250 (sample)
_400 (sample)
_500 (sample; sometimes original, see forum #132817)
_500h (sample; height-bounded)
_540 (sample)
_640 (sample)
_1280 (sample; sometimes original)
_raw (original)

Please note that _raw images are currently inaccessible (see forum #15499). For now, upload _1280 images and remember to upload superior versions and flag your samples if _raw images become available again.

It is Gelbooru policy to either replace samples or delete them. See image_sample for more information. See howto:tumblr on how to upload from Tumblr correctly.

Other Tumblr errors:
bad_Tumblr_ID: for when any Tumblr post or picture are no longer publicly available
MD5_mismatch: for when none of the sizes match Gelbooru

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