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A revolver is a handgun with a cylinder containing multiple rounds (usually five or six) and a barrel for firing. The cylinder is turned by means of cocking the hammer. On Danbooru, this term can also be applied to certain fictional heavy weapons; these are large enough to be carried by a shoulder sling and also feature a cylinder to carry ammunition rounds.

See pistol for a different type of handgun.


Side notes - not particularly relevant on Gelbooru.

A single-action revolver or pistol is fired by first cocking the hammer and then pulling the trigger. Hence, the single-action trigger performs only the single action of releasing the cocked hammer.

A double-action revolver or pistol can be fired either by the above method or by simply pulling the trigger. Hence, the double-action trigger which automatically cocks and then releases the hammer.

Even though the revolver holds less ammunition and is slower to reload than a semi-automatic pistol, the revolver is commonly considered more reliable in terms of internal mechanics, as its much simpler mechanism jams much less frequently.

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