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A lethal game of chance where participants take turns spinning the barrel of a revolver loaded with one or more bullets and firing it at their own heads. The game is referenced in the 1978 movie The Deer Hunter

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 1girl ak-47 alex_mason alternate_costume animal_ears assault_rifle bangs blood blood_stain blue_hair breast_pocket breasts bunny_ears butcher_knife call_of_duty call_of_duty:_black_ops center_opening cleavage cleaver clenched_teeth commentary_request cube85 finger_on_trigger gun gun_to_head handgun ho_chi_minh holding holding_gun holding_weapon large_breasts letterboxed long_hair looking_at_viewer michael_vronsky military military_uniform open_clothes open_shirt orange_eyes parody parted_lips pocket pointing pointing_at_self poster_(object) prisoner reisen_udongein_inaba revolver rifle russian_roulette scowl shaded_face shirt table teeth the_deer_hunter the_deer_hunter_(movie) touhou uniform upper_body weapon 1boy 3girls animated animated_gif bangs black_hair blonde_hair blood blue_skin brown_hair cowboy_shot death dragon_ball dragonball_z dress elbow_gloves filler gun handgun multiple_girls palace red_eyes revolver russian_roulette short_hair son_gokuu suicide surprised weapon white_gloves