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Tag type: General

Use this tag anything that involves around one Korean (or more and/or group) artists.

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Last updated: 10/07/18 12:19 PM by KemonoLover96
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2boys bts chopsticks dark_hair drink earrings food jimin_(bts) k-pop male_focus multiple_boys piercing v_(bts)2boys blood brown_hair bts j-hope k-pop male_focus multiple_boys v_(bts)1boy bow bts hands k-pop male_focus purple_hair shirt solo v_(bts) wink2boys bed bigbang cigarette cross cuffs earrings g-dragon handcuffs jewelry k-pop lying male_focus multiple_boys piercing pillow red_footwear seungri_(bigbang) sleeping smokingexo gun k-pop looking_at_viewer male_focus solo zhang_yixing1boy black_footwear bracelet bruise bts injury jewelry k-pop male_focus pants purple_hair ring shoes solo striped striped_pants v_(bts)

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