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A 2018 anime created by Mappa in collaboration with Cygames. It began on October 4, 2018. It was directed by Sakai Munehisa and written by Murakoshi Shigeru. The soundtrack was composed by Takanashi Yasuharu. The characters were designed by Fukagawa_Kasumi. The title is a bilingual double meaning title with Saga referring to both the English definition of the word as lengthy story, and as a reference to the Japanese prefecture.

The anime is notable for its secretive and misleading marketing campaign. The creators only gave vague hints about what the series was actually about other that it involved zombies, its main characters would be female, and that Miyano Mamoru would play the main male character. Miyano even made real life appearances as said character. The marketing suggested that the series would be a zombie apocalypse style horror series, but it would not be until the series debut that it finally revealed its true premise and genre: a comedic parody of idol series where the idols are actually zombies. The series' soundtrack is unusual for an idol series in that it encompasses a wide variety of genres including death metal, hip hop, and pop. Each episode's title ends with the word Saga. On a meta level, the series is also meant to promote Saga itself, and many of the locations and cultural quirks seen in the anime are direct recreations of the region.

The year is 2008 and idol fangirl/aspiring idol Minamoto Sakura is getting ready for high school, resolving to be less clumsy, but as soon as she walks out the door, she is immediately rammed by a truck she didn't see coming. Sakura wakes up to find herself in a giant abandoned mansion that is infested with female zombies. She tries to escape, only to discover that she is currently in Saga prefecture, far from her original home. She has been dead for ten years, and she is actually a zombie that has been revived by an eccentric idol producer named Tatsumi Kotaro. Tatsumi has a bizarre and an apparently absurd dream: he wants to create an idol group, using the female zombies in his mansion, to save Saga. Sakura, as the first zombie to awaken, is designated as Zombie #1 and is tasked with leading her fellow zombie idols to stardom, but at the same time, they can't reveal the fact that they are zombies due to fear of public backlash. Sakura is reluctant to go along with Tatsumi's stated goals, but as she has only vague memories of her past life, she accepts in order to discover who she is.

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