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A slice of life romantic comedy manga series created by Yamamoto_Souichirou. The manga debuted in 2013. It was adapted into an anime TV series by Shin-Ei_Animation. The TV series ran from January 8, 2018 to March 26, 2018. The anime was directed by Akagi Hiroaki and written by Yokote Michiko. The soundtrack was composed by Tsutumi Hiroaki.

The series is structured as a series of comedic sketches following the daily lives of and the burgeoning romance between Nishikata and Takagi-san. The two middle schoolers have a teasing rivalry with Nishikata constantly thinking of new ways to prank Takagi-san. Unfortunately for him, said rivalry is very one-sided in Takagi's favor as Takagi proves to be far better teaser than Nishikata and he usually ends up losing their games. Takagi-san both loves to tease Nishikata and is genuinely in love with him. Nishikata sees her as a rival, but is actually in denial of his own growing feelings towards her and dismisses the possibility of her liking him in spite of the numerous hints she gives him.

The series is set on the island of Shodoshima, which is also where mangaka Yamamoto is from.

The manga was followed by a 2017 sequel manga titled Karakai_Jouzu_no_(Moto)_Takagi-san, which follows the main characters as adults. Said manga notably debuted before the original even finished and the two of them ran concurrently. It also spawned a spinoff titled Ashita wa Doyoubi, which follows the Sanae-Mina-Yukari trio. Both of them are also created by Yamamoto.


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