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Tag type: Character

Male character. One of the main protagonists in Komi-san_wa_Komyushou_Desu.

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 1boy 1girl after_kiss akita_(20033203) assertive black_eyes black_hair blush commentary_request covering_eyes face_grab flower greyscale hair_flower hair_ornament hetero highres komi-san_wa_komyushou_desu komi_shouko long_hair looking_at_another monochrome necktie saliva saliva_trail school_uniform shoulder_grab sweat tadano_hitohito upper_body erection erection_under_clothes komi-san_wa_komyushou_desu maid maid_outfit penis sturkey tadano_hitohito tagme trap1boy 1girl blush erection erection_under_clothes futa_with_male futanari komi-san_wa_komyushou_desu komi_shouko school_uniform schoolgirl_uniform skirt sturkey tadano_hitohito tagme1boy 2girls ? bangs black_eyes black_hair black_neckwear breasts commentary dress_shirt english_commentary eu03 eyebrows_visible_through_hair huge_breasts imagining komi-san_wa_komyushou_desu komi_shouko komi_shuuko large_breasts light_blush long_hair looking_at_another looking_at_viewer matching_hair/eyes milf multiple_girls necktie older school_uniform shirt short_hair sidelocks simple_background sweatdrop tadano_hitohito white_background white_shirt2boys against_wall anal black_hair blush crossdressing cum cum_while_penetrated ejaculation happy_sex kneeling komi-san_wa_komyushou_desu monochrome multiple_boys one_eye_closed open_mouth osana_najimi_(komi-san) school_uniform skirt skirt_lift tadano_hitohito thighhighs trap white_hair yaoiambiguous_gender black_hair blush fellatio kneeling komi-san_wa_komyushou_desu monochrome oral osana_najimi_(komi-san) tadano_hitohito trap white_hair

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