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源 さくら

A red haired teen girl who wears green and pink polka dotted hair decorations. She is the protagonist of the anime Zombie_Land_Saga. She also recaps the previous episode's events at the start of each episode.

She was born on April 2, 1991 and was an idol fangirl/aspiring idol, particularly of the group Iron Frill. One day, she decided to make her dream come true and prepared to apply for an idol singer audition, but the moment she stepped out her front gate, she was hit by a truck at full speed, and was instantly killed. This happened on April 7, 2008.

Ten years later, she reawakens and discovers that she has become a zombie and also has no recollection of her past life save for hazy memories of Iron Frill. Tatsumi Koutarou, a mysterious and eccentric idol producer was responsible for her revival. As she is the first zombie to awaken, she is designated as Zombie 1 and for the first few performances of Tatsumi's zombie idol group, she is forced to act as a leader by default both because she is initially the only awake zombie and because the others, once they've awakened, don't want anything to do with the Tatsumi's idol project. After the other idols come around, Nikaidou Saki decides to be the official leader, which Sakura happily accepts. Sakura becomes the heart of the idol group that would be known as Franchouchou, often doing her best to keep the group together. Sakura is the most openly kind and empathetic member of the group, rarely saying anything negative about the others, listening to the other members when they share their woes, and always doing her best maintain a positive attitude. She is also one of the few members to have little to no recollection of her past life.

She is voiced by Hondo_Kaede

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