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Tag type: Character

Vegetto is the immensely powerful result of the fusion between Goku and Vegeta by the use of the Potara Earrings.

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Last updated: 11/29/18 11:58 AM by halkras12
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 1boy 2girls arm_around_neck armband ass black_hair blue_hair crossover dougi dragon_ball dragon_ball_super dragonball_z earrings fusion girl_on_top grin hetero jewelry karate_gi kawakami_momoyo kurokami_medaka long_hair maji_de_watashi_ni_koi_shinasai! medaka_box multiple_crossover multiple_girls orange_shirt patreon_logo potara_earrings saiyan school_uniform shirt sitting sitting_on_lap sitting_on_person skirt smile spiked_hair thick_thighs thighs vegetto white_background  >_< 4koma ? aqua_eyes aqua_hair arm_wrestling beamed_eighth_notes blue_eyes cheating_(competitive) clenched_teeth comic dougi dragon_ball dragon_ball_gt dragon_ball_super earrings flying_sweatdrops gloves gogeta highres jewelry kim_yura_(goddess_mechanic) medium_hair monkey_tail motion_lines muscle musical_note open_mouth pepper pepper_shaker potara_earrings red_hair smile sneezing spoken_musical_note spoken_question_mark squiggle super_saiyan_4 super_saiyan_blue tail teeth trembling twitter_username vegetto vest white_gloves 4boys artist_name black_border border character_name dated dougi dragon_ball dragon_ball_super dragonball_z earrings fusion gloves gogetto greyscale ground_vehicle highres jewelry kim_yura_(goddess_mechanic) male_focus monkey_tail monochrome motor_vehicle motorcycle multiple_boys multiple_persona muscle open_mouth potara_earrings shirtless smile super_saiyan_3 super_saiyan_4 super_saiyan_blue tail twitter_username vegetto a_silvers_1997 abs absurdres ankle_cuffs aura baby_(dragon_ball) belt blue_background blue_belt boots charging chest_plate clenched_hand commentary dougi dragon_ball dragon_ball_gt dragon_ball_super earrings english_commentary floating_clothes fusion gloves gokuu_black highres jewelry looking_at_viewer multicolored multicolored_background open_mouth photo-referenced possessed potara_earrings purple_background red_eyes saiyan spiked_hair vegeta vegetto what_if white_footwear white_gloves white_hair wrist_guards  1boy artist_name aura chest cowboy_shot crossed_arms dirty dirty_face dragon_ball dragon_ball_super dragonball_z earrings expressionless frown gloves green_eyes instagram_username jewelry kim_yura_(goddess_mechanic) looking_away male_focus muscle potara_earrings shaded_face shirtless short_hair simple_background sky spiked_hair standing star star_(sky) starry_background starry_sky torn_clothes twitter_username ultra_instinct upper_body vegetto watermark white_background white_gloves white_hair  1boy :d artist_name black_hair blue_hair boots camouflage character_name copyright_name dated dougi dragon_ball dragon_ball_(object) dragon_ball_super dragonball_z earrings frown full_body gloves gradient gradient_background grey_background grin ground_vehicle hand_on_handle happy instagram_username jewelry kim_yura_(goddess_mechanic) male_focus motor_vehicle motorcycle on_motorcycle open_mouth potara_earrings riding short_hair simple_background smile spiked_hair star starry_background sunglasses super_saiyan_blue twitter_username vegetto watermark white_background white_gloves

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