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二階堂 サキ

A blonde haired teen girl with multicolored highlights in her hair. She wears her hair in a ponytail and often wears either a jacket or long coat. She is one of the main characters of Zombie_Land_Saga and the leader of the all female zombie idol group Franchouchou. She was born on May 15, 1979 and passed away on August 20, 1997 before being revived as a zombie in 2018.

She is a tough and hot-blooded delinquent girl who speaks in a much rougher style than her fellow idols. She was the captain of the infamous all female biker gang Dorami when she was alive. After she awakens, she initially wants nothing to do with Tatsumi Koutarou's Saga idol project and is especially annoyed by Minamoto Sakura who follows all of Tatsumi's demands, perceiving her as being spineless. However, Saki changes her mind about the project both after she sees what she looks like after Tatsumi applies makeup on her and after she gets into an on-stage rap battle with Sakura, which Sakura wins. Afterwards, she comes to respect Sakura and comes to see acting as an idol singer as being something better than her biker gang past to the point that she decides to be the leader of Franchouchou. In spite of Saki's rougher personality, she has a soft side. She is very fond of Tamagotchis and is very protective of her fellow idols.

She likes rock music and her theme song is Tokkou Dance, a rock song that plays off of her biker gang past. Said song is also an homage to the music of the real life band Kishidan.

When she was part of Dorami, she was subordinate to her best friend and boss Amabuki Reiko, but was the crazier and more rebellious of the two. However, her reckless nature lead to her own demise when she refused to back down during a game of chicken and ended up dying in a motorcycle crash, traumatizing Reiko.

She is voiced by Tano_Asami.

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