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Tag type: General

When a character is visibly walking. In non-animated pictures, this is usually indicated by one foot being placed in front of the other.

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Last updated: 11/10/18 3:25 PM by jedi1357
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 1girl :d ^_^ alternate_hairstyle arm_support arm_up bangs bare_legs black_bra black_footwear black_hair black_legwear black_skirt blush bow bra breasts cleavage closed_eyes closed_mouth collarbone collared_shirt commentary_request eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed facing_viewer flying_sweatdrops full_body green_bow hair_between_eyes hair_bow hair_tie highres holding igakusei large_breasts loafers long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer miniskirt multiple_views open_mouth pleated_skirt ponytail red_eyes reiuji_utsuho shirt shoes short_sleeves sidelocks sitting skirt smile socks test_tube thighs tongue tongue_out touhou translation_request underwear upper_body very_long_hair walking white_background white_coat white_shirt  1boy 1girl 4koma bangs black_hair bleeding blood bruise cigarette comic deep_wound greyscale half-closed_eye heavy_breathing injury kaga_(kantai_collection) kamio_reiji_(yua) kantai_collection looking_at_another monochrome open_mouth pants parted_lips shoes short_hair side_ponytail sidelocks smoking spiked_hair tank_top translation_request walking yua_(checkmate)  1girl aikatsu!_(series) aikatsu_stars! akinbo_(hyouka_fuyou) arm_behind_back bag bangs blue_legwear blue_skirt blunt_bangs brown_hair from_side green_eyes high_heels highres holding holding_bag long_hair miniskirt pantyhose pleated_skirt red_footwear saotome_ako shiny shiny_hair shirt short_sleeves simple_background skirt solo walking white_background  1girl absurdres asymmetrical_legwear asymmetrical_sleeves bangs between_breasts black_cape black_legwear black_leotard blonde_hair blush breasts buckle cape detached_collar earrings ereshkigal_(fate/grand_order) eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed facing_viewer fate/grand_order fate_(series) full_body fur-trimmed_cape fur_trim hair_ribbon highres holding hood hood_up hooded_cape huge_filesize infinity jewelry leotard light_particles long_hair multicolored multicolored_cape multicolored_clothes necklace open_mouth outdoors parted_bangs red_cape red_ribbon ribbon single_sleeve single_thighhigh skull smile solo spine thighhighs thkani tiara twintails two_side_up walking yellow_cape  1girl :t bag bandaid bandaid_on_face bandaid_on_forehead bandaid_on_leg belt bunny_symbol choker closed_mouth commentary crisalys double_bun english_commentary full_body hand_in_pocket holding holding_phone inktober looking_at_phone neckerchief open_clothes open_shirt original paper_(medium) pen pen_(medium) phone photo pleated_skirt red_neckwear shoes short_hair skirt socks solo spiked_choker spikes spot_color walking 1girl animated animated_gif arizuka_konomi blonde_hair female original satsuno short_shorts shorts side_ponytail smile solo walking

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