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Tag type: General

素股 A tag_group:sex_act in which a girl grinds her bare or covered pussy against her partner's penis without being sexually penetrated. For ass-to-penis rubbing, use buttjob instead. For pussy-to-object rubbing, use crotch_rub instead. For pussy-on-thigh rubbing, use thigh_straddling instead. For pussy-to-pussy rubbing, use tribadism instead. For penis-between-thigh rubbing, use thigh_sex instead. For rubbing against anything else, use frottage. Examples: post #376607 post #445491 post #636532 post #1168472 See also: crotch_rub double_grinding frottage tribadism penises_touching

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1boy 1girl age_difference artist_request black_hair blush censored frottage girl_on_top grinding outside penis swimsuit tagme2girls animated asian audio backpack bed bedroom bouncing_breasts bow_tie breasts censored dark_nipples eyes_closed grinding kneehihgs large_breasts multiple_girls open_shirt photo randoseru school_uniform sex skirt tagme topless tribadism video webm yuri 1boy 1girl bar_censor black_legwear breasts breasts_outside brown_eyes censored clitoris close-up comic cowgirl_position cross_section grinding hairband heart hetero highres imminent_sex imminent_vaginal japanese_clothes kantai_collection kimono large_breasts long_hair marl35 open_clothes open_kimono penis pussy red_hairband red_skirt sex shoukaku_(kantai_collection) skirt smile spread_legs spread_pussy straddling thighhighs translation_request uterus vaginal white_hair 1boy 1girl :d albino areolae armpits arms_up breasts breasts_outside censored cleavage crop_top eleonora_viltaria folded grinding heart_pasties holding_legs imminent_rape imminent_sex imminent_vaginal kneehighs large_breasts long_hair lying madan_no_ou_to_vanadis missionary mosaic_censoring nipples on_back open_mouth pasties penis rape red_eyes shiny shiny_skin silver_hair smile spread_legs tenchisouha 1boy 1girl ass brown_eyes brown_hair buttjob dark_skin domino_mask girl_on_top grinding hetero highres huge_ass kamala_khan large_penis lips looking_at_viewer looking_back marvel mask medium_hair ms._marvel nose panties penis penis_under_clothes pov precum randomboobguy red_panties red_scarf scarf skirt solo_focus straddling superhero torn_clothes torn_skirt underwear veins veiny_penis 1boy 1girl animated asian ass black_hair bottomless bowtie breasts frottage girl_on_top grinding hairclip hetero ichinose_suzu lube nipples oil penis photo pussy school_uniform shiny shiny_skin small_breasts tagme thighs uncensored video webm wet wet_clothes

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